The Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) will be meeting at 7 pm on April 17, 2017 at the Bradlee Safeway Community Room, 3526 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia

Our guest speaker will be Chief Michael Brown, Alexandria's new Chief of Police.


  1. Introductions - Chair, Jim Durham
  2. Secretary's report and minutes - Casey Kane for Randy Cole
  3. Financial Update - Treasurer's report - Casey Kane
  4. Alexandria Police Liaison Report - Sgt. Seckler
  5. Guest Speaker: Michael Brown, Alexandria Chief of Police
  6. City Staff Updates
  7. BPAC Updates
    - Vision Zero Update - VZ Sub-committee members
    - City Budget update - Jim Durham
    - SRTS and Bicycling in the Schools (BITS) Project Updates - Eldon Boes
    - 25 MVCS 3rd grade students, School Board Chair Gentry, Vice Mayor Wilson, BPAC Volunteers and others completed a 3+ mile Biking Field Trip on April 3rd.
    - BITS Classes start for 5th grade students at James K. Polk ES on April 24th (Volunteers invited to help out)
    - BITS planned for MVCS, Polk, plus four additional elementary schools next year
    - ACPS SRTS proposal to VDOT for an SRTS Coordinator w/Walking and Biking programs at additional six elementary schools and Francis C. Hammond MS.
    - Spring2ACTion Fundraising Campaign for the Walking and Biking Fund
    - More than $1,200 raised for walking and biking education and encouragement
    - Earth Day (April 29th) - Casey Kane
    - Bike to School Day (Wednesday, May 10th) - All
    - Bike to Work Day (Friday, May 19th) Volunteers
    - City Hall/Market Square - Jim Durham, Eldon Boes, Andrea Kirk, and Spokeswomen (TBD); Bruce Dwyer at the adjoining WABA table
    - Carlyle - Jerry king, Casey Kane and Michael Menchel
    - Del Ray - Dave Levy, Randy Dingwell
    - Comment on the Old Town North Small Area Plan
    Draft plan posted here:
    - Send comments to Heba ElGawish
    - Mount Vernon Trail Safety - Casey Kane
  8. Commission Liaison and Outreach
    - Transportation Commission (TC) - Jerry King
    - Commission on Aging - David Kaplan
    - DASH Board - David Kaplan
    - Environmental Policy Commission - TBD
    - Parks and Recreation Commission - Dave Levy with Eliz Wright
    - Traffic and Parking Board - Randy Cole
  9. Public Comments