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Thread: Habanero ti 'cross/gravel/touring frameset + extras

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunyata View Post
    You think YOU got baptized in mud?

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    I heard it got so bad it was basically a hike a bike race before they finally had to call it. At least on the C&O I could keep my speed up.

    I also learned I should probably keep some metallic brake pads handy for these conditions. Resin pads wear fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drevil View Post
    Did you notice if anyone bothered to use fenders? All the pics I've seen show everyone with the mud stripe straight up their back, chest, and face. I would've at least fashioned up a large Evian/Deer Park fender for the front by cutting it in half!

    BTW, if you're new to mountain biking, this is a HUGE NONO on public trails. However, the Bakers Dozen (where this pic was taken) happens on a private farm in Leesburg, and apparently they don't mind the bikers roosting mud on their property. NEVER ride muddy trails in parks because it destroys trails and there are lots of volunteers that put in a lot of time to design, build, and fix them (including Sunyata and Dane in the pic).

    Do whatev's on privately-owned trails, but you might want to get permission first
    ^ YES! Never ride muddy trails unless on private property and for a stupid race. Our bikes (and the trails) are trashed.
    That being said, it was great fun until my last lap where I literally could not push the bike because of how much mud was caked on the frame. All the mud made the bike too heavy to even lift. It was a nightmare. Seriously, I had nightmares Saturday night about all the mud.

    As for the fenders, it is pretty funny you asked about it. On the first lap (where it was not too muddy, but just enough to be slick and cause that mud stripe), a guy passed me with a fender on. I laughed because his back was the worst of anyone that I had seen so far. I told him that I hoped my back was not that muddy and he looked back and cursed his fender!

    But yeah, fenders did absolutely nothing. I have done muddy races before, but this was by far the WORST. To be completely honest, the race should have been postponed. I know the organizers pride themselves on having a rain or shine (or stupid crazy wind and snow) race, but even the first lap was too much. After the first lap, things got pretty dangerous. When a pro tells you that conditions are dangerous, you know things are bad. It was a HUGE mistake for me to go back out, but you know how it goes. Luckily no one got seriously injured. But, like I said, most everyone's bike was completely trashed. And the trails will take a lot of work to get them back into decent shape.


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