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Thread: National Bike Challenge - Washington Area All Stars team

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    I'm currently 286th on a 150 day streak. Somehow the NBC couldn't manage to snyc my April 11 from Strava.

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    Congratulations to our own Bob James who finished in 4th Place in the National Bike Challenge.

    I'm still taking up a collection to relocate Bob outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve O View Post
    Hey!! Look at this
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    It's Mr. Kitty! Congratulations!
    Mr. Kitty!!

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    Well! Now that life has settled down for a brief moment, and the NBC website isn't going into convulsions, I've finally been able to sit down and crunch the numbers:

    Final numbers:
    Distance: 2,968 miles (2016: 2,681 | 2015: 2,300 | 2014: ~1,300)
    Days: 146 (Everything but the one-week nautical vacation)
    Points: 5,888
    • Arlington: 8th (Women: 4th)
    • Virginia: 28th (Women: 8th)
    • National: 887th, 3.7 percentile (Women:102nd)
    • MSU Spartans: 3rd (Women:1st)

    So for the 5th year in a row, I've managed to increase my miles over last year's NBC total (by 287.2 mi). I'd say that's not bad considering I rode 6 fewer days than last year, got doored (leaving my hand out of commission for 5 weeks), and had to take the bike in for major repairs twice (something I try to avoid during the challenge).

    This isn't the real story though. That's the tale of "Mr. Kitty." Last year we had only just gotten him the first bike of his adult life. This year he resolved to ride everyday he could of the NBC, even doing "sleaze rides" when sick/teleworking. Here are his numbers:

    Final numbers:
    Distance: 444 miles (2017 prior to the NBC: 50)
    Days: 145 (Everything but the one-week nautical vacation)
    Points: 3,444
    • Arlington: 24th
    • Virginia: 115th
    • National: 4557th, 13.7 percentile
    • MSU Spartans: 8th

    This NBC alone has accounted for 58.2% of all of his adult lifetime miles (Yes, we got him on Strava the day he got his bike. I have the data.) In this challenge he's had his longest ride to date (a modifed Arlington loop, 1st time!), AND has had to luck to win both an NBC price and a Car Free Day prize! I'm not sure how long he'll continue after the challenge, but I couldn't be happier with this start.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judd View Post
    I've been having a lot of trouble getting into the National Bike Challenge this year. It's never seemed as fun as two years ago when the North Central Florida Crackers were neck and neck with the All-Stars. I think the amount of ways that you can slice the leaderboards this year also has diminished the fun a bit.
    Yeah, sadly this seems to be the 2nd year in a row when the website has gotten into the way of fully enjoying the NBC. Last year it was buggy as all-get-out and wouldn't load half the time. This year, because of the clean-slate wipe of everything, I feel like we lost a lot of participants: both in the individual groups/teams and in the aggregate. The fact that teams/groups/schools etc. were tied to Strava groups messed with a lot of stuff. I always had the niggling feeling of what was on the screen was only a fraction of the story, and that teams in the lead were because they were able to get more people onto the new platform. (case in point Washington Area All Stars)

    On the plus side, Arlington just barely beat Alexandria for #1 in Virginia, so that's fun. *highfive*

    Quote Originally Posted by streetsmarts View Post
    Mr. Kitty!!
    We've decided until such a time he joins the forum and asserts his own identity, he will be referred to as such henceforth.


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