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Thread: Richmond > Williamsburg trail

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    Default Richmond > Williamsburg trail

    Anyone done the capital to capital trail between Richmond and Williamsburg?
    How is the route? Is it a car free route, if not, what % of route is on the road? Okay to ride at night if I have good lights?

    Thinking of making a century ride out and back, starting from Richmond, in a couple weeks.

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    I believe the trail is basically done, running from RVA to Jamestown completely separated from traffic...details are here:

    From what I remember of the trail, it's not on the level of something like the W&OD, and is somewhat narrow and windy in some places, but certainly suitable for a weekend outing if foot traffic isn't too bad.

    If you want to wait a few extra weeks, there's an organized century called "Cap2Cap" (details at link above) that is a fun event. Basically runs down to Chickahominy Park and back.

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    I've done the full Virginia Capital trail twice now (Williamsburg to RVA and back for the century in 12/2015 and northern RVA to Williamsburg for a metric in 10/2016). It was a pleasant ride, not very challenging. It has a 15 MPH speed limit and there are very few services between Varnia and Williamsburg, although more have been opening. I rode part of each ride after dark with no issues.

    The trail is complete and 98% separate from the highway. There is a short stretch of about 100 yards in Varnia where it is on the shoulder (I think around Messer Road around Mile 46) and a stretch of about 50 yards on Doran Road around Mile 41 to connect two sections that don't meet as you are getting over the I-295 bypass. At Charles County courthouse the trail is on Courthouse Road for about a quarter mile between Mile 21 and Mile 20. There are are also several times it crosses the highway.

    The Cap2Cap probably uses between a a quarter and a third of the total trail for its century route.

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    I rode it last fall with a group and found the trail in great shape and a lot of fun!! I enjoyed it more than the W&OD. Lots of scenery changes, less foot traffic....

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    Rode it last month. It's a great trail. Low stress and low traffic the day I was on it, although it was a foggy, cool day. The Richmond waterfront is nice for dinner.

    Make sure you have basic tools/tubes with you as a lot of the trail is rural and there aren't yet fix it stations.

    The trail is mostly flat. There are a few gas stations along the way for bathroom and drink stops.

    Link to my ride if it's helpful:

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    Recent news, there's a Capital Trail shuttle starting service this spring. Today it's possible to shuttle via Amtrak if you want to ride one direction only.


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