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So how does biking in Germany compared to here?

Better trails? I wouldn't say better, but there is definitely more cycling related infrastructure. In town it is a mix of on street bike lanes, sidewalk bike lanes, shared sidewalks (Fahrrad Frei sign), and MUPs. In Frankfurt, bikes are generally allowed to ride contra-flow (there are signs and sometimes bike symbols painted on the pavement) on one way streets, many of which are too narrow with parking to do this comfortably. Outside of town there are numerous MUPs, but they frequently are also shared with farm equipment or as MV access for garden allotments. An MUP can go from being paved, to gravel to dirt.

Are drivers more cautious? I would say they are more respectful of cyclists in general and there is less speeding.

What about biking etiquette? I'm still trying to figure this out. When there are sidewalk bike lanes, they are only wide enough for one bike, but are routinely used by cyclists going in both directions. Absolutely no one calls passes, and there are a lot of dangerous passes. Very few riders routinely signal turns, slowing, or stopping. it is not unusual for someone to stop in the middle of a trail (or trail intersection) to have a conversation.

I would love to ride through southern Germany since it looks beautiful. I agree, but I'm in central Germany.
Pleas see red notes above.