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Thread: Team 9 CLICK HERE!!!!!

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    Default Happy hour anyone?

    Anyone up for a happy hour after work today? I'm thinking Mad Fox or Caboose since they're somewhat central. I got to work late and need an excuse to leave work early, so c'mon! Who's in?

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    Great idea, but I can't make it today.

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    I'm Dane,

    I hereby bequeath the powers of Team Captain upon Sir Chris Tank!

    I live in Reston, but I spend half my weekends at Casey's place in Fairlington. I try to ride dirt as much as I can. But with the freeze/thaw cycle, I will ride gravel and road. Snow is fun. If it's below freezing I will most likely be riding MTB trails. Anybody interested in that?

    I may be doing a gravel 100 mi ride 1/20. Kind of undecided at this point, but I'll keep you posted. If you have Friday off, this would be a good way to get mega points for the team!
    I will also be racing at Monster Cross, which is an awesome gravel race. 50 miles and flat-ish! Anyone else doing this?

    Quote Originally Posted by ctankcycles View Post
    Hey guys, sorry I wasn't able to make it to HH last night. Thanks to Dane for getting the ball rolling and taking care of team captain stuff. Dane, if you're looking to pass the baton, I'm cool with taking it. So there ya go, I hereby nominate myself. Besides herding cats I'm willing to organize some team group rides and most importantly, happy hours. But for real tho, we won't have much of a team without everyone getting into it. So what say you Team 9, are we ready to do this?

    First off, it would be helpful if everyone introduces themselves a bit and includes where they live so we can figure out how best to coordinate for happy hours and possible rides. Me, I live in Fairlington, just up the hill from Shirlington, and try to commute downtown to work as much as possible. Longer rides on the weekends, I like gravel in Loudoun County, the Wednesday night L!G!A! ride on the towpath, and whatever looks like fun and fits my schedule.

    Now your turn...

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