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My recommendation--get to the front of the advanced group next year if you and your family are confident riders (sounds like you might want to work with your wife to get her more confident first though.) I was in the middle of the first wave of advanced riders, and like Judd, I found it to be clear and smooth sailing once I got out of Hains Point. There were points I couldn't see anyone in front or behind me it was so empty. This is even after stopping twice so I could take off my jacket and use a restroom. But there were confident kids, tandem bikes, and other slower riders in the advanced group, so you wouldn't be out of place there as long as everyone is confident handling their bike.
Agreed - that's what we should've done/should do in the future. Things weren't too bad (crowd-wise) once we got off Hains Point, until the 395 entrance. We were sunk to start with when we translated the different corrals as speed (like many events generally are organized, and where my wife was concerned) rather than "confidence" (if anything, she's a bit overconfident dealing with traffic...); I honestly couldn't remember what the registration form said since it'd been so long since I signed up, and she wasn't really paying attention when she signed up Saturday. Live and learn. It still was a great time