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Thread: Travel Bike Wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvill View Post
    Anyone familiar with or used either of these before? They're both "custom" made bags for bikes that require a bit more assembly - fork removal (and probably won't fit larger frames, 29ers, etc.).
    I hadn't seen those, specifically, but they look interesting.

    Peter has the Backpack Case and I have Co-Motion's Co-Pilot Travel Case.

    Both are roughly 26x26x10, just inside the airline regulation limits. They accommodate 700c wheels (must deflate the tires) but don't require removing the fork. Conveniently, the soft case fits inside the other one, which comes in handy when we're traveling with two bikes or the tandem, because we can pre-ship or store them as one case.

    Anecdotally, we both really appreciate that the Co-Motion case has a telescoping handle and wheels. Backpack styles work okay, but the reality of lugging around a bulky case on your back gets old pretty fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hozn View Post
    Maybe if I had a quick release! I would need that for 12mm thru-axle. I don't think this exists, but I'd be happy to be wrong.

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    That is funny because I just stumbled across that last night. For reference, the complete set of those axles:

    I'm building (well, spec'ing) out this travel bike frame (more on that later), and was debating whether to spec a thru axle. To do so, I needed to be able to solve the trailer problem. I saw that Burley makes a set of thru axles ( that look perfect as they should solve both the trailer hookup part and they have a spacer that should ensure that it clears the recessed (like "breezer") cup on frame NDS.
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