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Thread: Lighten Up, Arlington! Light Giveaway Next Week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judd View Post
    False. My ability to reference punk rock bands that I am too young to reasonably be aware of is quite clever. I was 4 years old when Zen Arcade was released.
    I talk about Mozart sometimes, so I'm a genius!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin Potter View Post
    AIRE, BA and WA will be out tomorrow (11/10), with lights and reflective goodies galore.
    4:30-7:00pm at the W&OD Trail and Columbia Pike.
    Great turnout last night! By the time I left around 7pm, I think almost 500 sets of blinky lights had been given away. Plus a lot of other BA/WA swag and who knows how many solar keychain lights and LED bulbs by AIRE.

    My most satisfying handouts were to a little girl on a white bike with pink and purple flowers, the teenage Hispanic guy on a chopper-style chrome street bike (lights just added "bling"), and several leashed dogs bouncing around happy to have blinkies on their collars.

    On my short ride home, I spotted another ninja cyclist at the corner of George Mason and Four Mile Run, and waited until he had the signal to cross so I could deck him out with lights. Then I was following another cyclist when I saw him stop to hand a light to a kid who was walking; I caught up later and thanked him.

    ArlingtonRider and I rocked south Arlington, hopefully you'll encounter fewer dark surprises when riding through the area.
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