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Thread: Injured Cyclist on W&OD 9/5 at 6pm in Arlington

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    Default Injured Cyclist on W&OD 9/5 at 6pm in Arlington

    I came across a bloodied cyclist lying beside the trail on the Pike side of Sparrow Pond. People were with him and someone was calling 911 as I rode past and not having relevant skills, I kept going. He looked to be under age 35 (possibly quite under). There were some younger children stopped with some adults - not sure if there was a kid-related collision or what happened. I later talked to the paramedics about his location.
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    Good report. I've never taken that stretch to be particularly dangerous. It is near a steep drop-off to Four Mile Run, but that's not what it sounds like happened. I know that I often find myself staring off into the pond because there's a turtle that camps out there...maybe was distracted? Don't want to speculate too much though.

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