Scheduled to make an appearance at the Saturday Lost Dog Event at 7 Corners

Marianne Vos "Vosie"

An unstoppable force, Vosie loves to race around the yard. A super puppy who has won in three different puppy disciplines: playing, tumbling, and barking. She loves to compete against her brothers, and is one of the world's true greats, ranked as the number one female puppy in the yard. Her play skills are unsurpassed and she loves to be outdoors in the sun. Let Vosie ride into your heart.

Vincenzo Nibali "Nibbles"

A strong entry in the Tour de France Puppies, Nibbles leads his team in racing about the yard, going in circles, and tumbling about. Nibbles racing name is the Shark, and when it comes to dinner time, Nibbles charges the food bowl. An all around puppy, he is skilled in tumbling, jumping, turning, and charging. Nibbles can attack toys and sprint for victory. Let Nibbles join your team.

Peter Sagan

Sagan is of course the world champion puppy, proudly wearing the rainbow jersey. A favorite of everyone, Sagan is a sly puppy who knows how to play, when to tumble, and how to make that sprint to victory. Sagan loves the game, and tells his brothers and sisters all about it. Considered one of the most promising talents among puppies, he has seen victories yesterday and the day before in the backyard races. Sagan won stage 2 of the Tour de France; will he win your heart?

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Fausto Coppi

The great Coppi is one of the best known of the Tour de France puppies, all but defining play time. To many, the greatest puppy of the Tour de France is Coppi, with local teams taking on his name. Known as the champion of champions, Coppi simply cannot be beaten to the toy. His skill, his craft, and his tumbling down the hill is renown. Coppi excels both in climbing the hill and running back down again. Let Coppi ride into your heart.

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Sir. Bradley "Wiggles"

Starting his puppy career in racing about the yard, Wiggles has expanded into addition disciplines such as running up the hill and tumbling. Wiggles has won multiple gold medals in the puppy championships - which he promptly buried under one of the bushes. Wiggles knows how to play hard, and also when its nap time. Viewed as a specialist in wiggling, he has shown his ability in jumping and leaping. Let Wiggles break away into your home.

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