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Thread: Your latest bike project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvill View Post
    and wonder if a high gear of say, 42x11 will be too limiting.
    42x11 is the highest gear on my 1x11 setup. I definitely wouldn't want to lose anymore gear inches at the top of the range, but it seems sufficient for this particular bike. I think I've hit 42x11 a couple of times going down Chain Bridge hill at about 30mph. Definitely wasn't close to being spun out...more like a "comfortably high" cadence at that speed. But on a gravel-oriented bike, I'm generally just gonna coast at speeds any higher than that anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctankcycles View Post
    STA is 73. HTA is 71.5. The plan is for a Force 1 group. I'm sort of torn between 1x and double. I'm sold on 1x for cx racing and trail riding but I'm worried that the gaps in gearing and limited range could make it less ideal for long, mixed surface rides where other riders have road doubles. Sometimes I think about running 1x for three months of the year during cx season and swapping to a double for the other 9 months but I'm going to give the 1x a chance and see how it goes. I don't mind the extra cable stop that won't be used when it's set up as a 1x.

    I haven't ever been tempted to put a double back on my commuter/gravel/cx bike. The simplicity of the 1x is really nice and there's only one small gap I notice. It really was perfect for Monster Cross, though I did drop the chain once there. (But it's so quick to put a chain back on a 1x system without a FD or, heaven forbid, a chain catcher [that failed to do its job].)

    To be fair, I'm also not really tempted to put 2x back on my road bike either (50t + 11-40), though I think the gaps would be more apparent there in the group rides. We'll see how I feel at the end of the season.

    If you do decide to swap, great suggests from drevil and harry meatmotor on dealing with elegant & quick 1x/2x conversion.

    I debated trying to explicitly spec larger 650 clearance, but it was leading down a rabbithole of them wanting to use a chainstay yoke instead of tubes if I wanted 27.5x2.1+" clearance. I'm guessing that the WTB Horizon 49mm would fit in the frame, but may not in the fork. Really 700x40mm give me plenty of versatility for this type of bike.

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