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Thread: Access to Rock Creek / Zoo Hour Reduction

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    Default Access to Rock Creek / Zoo Hour Reduction

    I'm still a Rock Creek neophyte, but I thought the Zoo hour reduction was not to impact access to Rock Creek Trail. Yet, when I attempted to ride to Rock Creek on Friday hours during the used-to-be-open-but-now-isn't-for-safety hours, I could not get to Rock Creek Trail from Harvard St as google told me I could. So, I could either ride way back up the hill and through the mean streets of DC or cross Beach Drive in the dark.

    The helpful map at the GGW site makes it look like you can still access RCT from Harvard.

    The NPS map doesn't make it look like you can't access it at certain hours either.

    Am I just confused? Did something change? What is the status of there being any chance of reversing this? It isn't the biggest deal, I guess, but it's just really and avoidably annoying.
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    The new hours weren't supposed to affect the usage along the trail itself, but you're correct that it has made it much more difficult to access the trail from the Adams Morgan area. At a recent meeting to discuss the rehabilitation of the trail and the bridge just south of the tunnel, there was mention of putting in a connecting trail from Harvard for when the gates are closed and a cross walk to the trail. however, they had no plans to make this a signaled crossing. It doesn't sound like the zoo will be changing the access hours anytime soon.

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    I used to commute that way. If you're going North, you can shoot up to Adams Mill Road, then either to Klingle or up to Park. Just don't try cutting through the driveway of the apartment building at the bottom if the light is red. They have a sneaky speed bump that once launched me right off my bike.

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