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Thread: National Harbor

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    Default National Harbor

    National Harbor is fantastic for water view bike rides. Does any know the status of getting Capital Bikes Share at National Harbor?

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    I know nothing but I agree that it would make a good stop for bikeshare. It should be within 30 minutes of Old Town stations too at least for most riders. I wonder if you can move this post to the Capital Bikeshare topic? Place-based discussion around bikeshare stations seems to happen slowly over time and it is helpful to have it there in one location.

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    I found this article discussing potential CaBi for PG County (which includes National Harbor):

    Another thing to consider are the criteria used for installing CaBi stations from the BikeArlington site:
    Criteria for station locations include:
    • 4+ hours of direct sunlight daily;
    • at least 11 x 42 of space;
    • between 2 - 5 blocks (500' - 1,250') from the nearest station;
    • if on a sidewalk, minimum pedestrian clearance of 6 is needed;
    • if on-street, preference for being adjacent or near a bike lane;
    • would not block utility access, such as a manhole cover; and
    • would not create a dangerous situation for street users.
    I imagine though National Harbor would be technically too far for CaBi's normal criteria (there are no stations near Wilson Bridge on VA side), they could easily make an exception since there are no better alternatives unless they install a stepping stone station on the MD side of the bridge, I imagine somewhere around here:

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    We have been discussing National Harbor occasionally. There's a thread somewhere. I posted a couple months ago that the spokesperson for NH officially announced their enthusiasm and support for Capital Bikeshare at NH. That's a big change from a few years ago when they seemed downright hostile to cycling.

    I biked over there a couple months ago. I discovered that they installed bike racks all over the area. I was very surprised. I think I posted on the RackSpotter thread.

    Prince George's County and National Harbor have both spoken in favor of adding bike stations and joining Capital Bikeshare in the future. However, there is no set timetable yet and no official deal. I'm sure it will help to voice your support for bikeshare at NH. Many of us have been doing so for more than five years. You can vote on the CaBi crowdsource map for proposed bike stations. The link is located on the bike station map on the Capital Bikeshare website. I added multiple pins on the map for suggested locations at NH. Others have also added suggested locations. Vote in favor of those and/or add new locations on the map. The more support, the better.


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