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  1. It's not her, it's them

    I can tell you with certainty it's not her. It's them. I lived along the W&OD and Custis for years and - without fail - any day that I was alone on the trail I would get catcalled, followed,...
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    Wednesdays at Wakefield - which category?

    Hm...if a beginner were interested in racing for the first time, and she was a woman in her 40's who was over 200 pounds, which category would be best? (You wouldn't happen to have a Middle Aged...
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    Strider Races!

    I haven't been to these races but my little Wishbone balance bike rider is turning 2 tomorrow and I would love it if we had balance bike races here in NoVA!
  4. How about this?

    It's not integrated into the helmet, and it won't...
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