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  1. Got the allez!

    I DID! And thanks so much for the tips; I am getting a new saddle from someone for $15 tomorrow and will make sure to do a lot of research with other components like the wheels & tubes before getting...
  2. PROJECT BIKE= 70's Chicago Schwinn World ($100 OBO)

    I have another bike that I recently bought, then realized it needs more work than I thought it did.

    It's steel frame, seatpost, saddle, handlebars, and front shifter (it's got a converted...
  3. Brand NEW Giant Escape 1 (2012) for sale- $475

    The bike is brand new, and many of the people on Craigslist can waste your time, so I thought I'd post it here as well to see if someone could genuinely use a good 54cm hybrid bike. My well-to-do...
  4. 2006 Specialized Allez bike frame... good deal or no?

    2006 Specialized Allez currently at $305 (I just bid on it :) and I am thinking about getting it and then...
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    STOLEN: 2008, Yellow RALEIGH rx 1.0

    Just found this awesome online community today, so I am just posting now--

    My bike was stolen from the 1010 Wisconsin Ave. (Waterfront Center) parking garage one week ago (by the Georgetown...
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