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  1. Northern Virginia Families for Safe Streets Near Miss Survey

    Hi all. I was unable to contact a moderator in advance to approve this post, so I will just post it and hope it is deleted if not appropriate for this forum.

    Anyways, Northern Virginia Families...
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    Tree down on MBT/Cap Crescent

    Hi all - wanted to let you know that as of this morning (8/13), there was a large tree down on the Cap Crescent/MBT just west of Connecticut Avenue.

    The tree completely blocks the trail but you...
  3. Accident on Capital Crescent trail in Bethesda - Sunday morning, July 10

    Hi all, I'm a runner, not a cyclist. This morning I was running southbound on the Capital Crescent Trail in Maryland when we came across what looked like a fairly bad accident. Several bikes...
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    /delurking (and, I'll fess up - I'm a runner,...

    /delurking (and, I'll fess up - I'm a runner, not a cyclist)

    I hit the detour this morning while running eastbound on the Custis. The trail was blocked off at the turn off just before Harrison...
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