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  1. Pushing aside cars

    Is WABA or someone mobilizing to take advantage of the opportunities to promote cycling that the current situation presents?

    Afraid to ride Metro and the bus, thousands of people need to get...
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    Sticky: Pothole on Marshall Drive (make note of number)

    Thanks, all, for this discussion. Thanks to ARLCXRIDER, we know the repair has been done.

    I don't know if my call alone drove the solution, but note for future use the NPS number I called (which...
  3. Detour under Memorial Bridge on Mt. Vernon Trail


    Thanks for sharing the GWMP Superintendant's message.

    [ONGOING] Lane closures under Arlington Memorial Bridge

    Until the end of July, workers will close lanes on the northbound...
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    Sticky: Dangerous Pothole Next to Netherlands Carillon

    Careful if you ride down Marshall Drive (the downhill that goes from the back gate of Fort Meyer, where Meade Street ends, along the cemetery and Netherlands Carillon and Iwo Jima Memorial) to Route...
  5. Detour under Memorial Bridge on Mt. Vernon Trail

    Thanks to both of you for your replies.

    When I rode by yesterday (Friday) afternoon at about 4pm, I noticed that both "trail closed" signs were lying on the ground. North of the bridge, one was...
  6. Detour under Memorial Bridge on Mt. Vernon Trail

    New signs suggesting that the Mount Vernon Trail will soon close where it goes under Memorial Bridge have appeared.

    The NPS website has no helpful information. Looks like it hasn't been updated...
  7. Photo

    Here's a photo, taken during yesterday's heat. I don't use Twitter.

  8. Liquid on Trail on Arlington Blvd along Fort Meyer

    On the new Arlington Blvd trail along Fort Meyer (between Pershing Drive and North Queen Street), I've noticed that even on hot, sunny days there's a patch of the new trail that is always wet.
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    Tourists and Other Two-Legged Dangers

    The springtime surge in tourists brings to the fore, yet again, the fact that most pedestrians don't know how to share with us, communicate with us, or respect us. The pedestrians probably think the...
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    Ft. Meyer

    The Fort Meyer gate (called Henry Gate) at the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Pershing Drive is open at 6-8am and 4-6pm.

    Remember that, in addition to the path through the cemetery,...
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    I ride through Fort Meyer at least once a week...

    I ride through Fort Meyer at least once a week and have never had a problem.

    Henry Gate opens at six and closes at six. Show any government-issued ID (driver's license, agency ID, whatever),...
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