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    trike rental

    Is is possible to rent one anywhere in the area? I think my dad might really enjoy riding one on some of the trails around here but not where he lives.
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    4 Point Pointless Prize

    I propose a pointless price for visiting and photoing (and pointing) to the four points (corners) of the DC boundary.

    Even more pointless prize for pointing out all points in one pointless ride.
  3. Haines Point Shut Down

    Yesterday, the National Guard stationed to block the entrance to Haines point said that it was shut down for "Covid 19."

    Even they laughed when they said it.

    But at least they are not Texas...
  4. Haines Point Shut Down -- Army Blocking the Gate

    Haines point is shut down by the National Guard. They wouldn't give a reason that a neighborhood park would be shut down.

    I wonder if the occupying forces are planning to use that to hold people...
  5. Oh that looks good.

    Oh that looks good.
  6. That is what I was wondering -- if the Cross...

    That is what I was wondering -- if the Cross Country Trail part was too rough for a road bike. I take it that it is too difficult to ride with a road bike. That is a shame.
  7. This loop rather - - -

    Not sure why google cut it in half the first time.
  8. Big Fairfax Loop:WO&D from Airport toHerndon,Cross-Country to Occoquan/Mt.Vernon/airp

    Anyone have experience doing this loop?


  9. Registering!

    Finally going to really join this after years of meaning to do so.
  10. Cycle Track

    I just assumed the entire parade fiasco was proposed by bike lane haters who saw their opportunity to strike a blow for cars.
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