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  1. Does anybody know where to park inside the...

    Does anybody know where to park inside the Ballston garage, or how you get there?

    I think the theater is on level 2. I will be late arriving and don't want to wander around!
  2. You can help Bikes for the World at ECARE May 4

    Bikes for the World will be collecting bicycles, bike parts, tubes, tires and accessories at Arlington's ECARE environmental event on May 4.

    You can donate bikes or parts, and you can help with...
  3. Clarendon to Climate March ride Saturday April 29

    The Sierra Club has organized a rally at Clarendon Metro tomorrow, April 29 at 9am, proceeding to the big Climate Change march on the mall. Some of us will be riding from the Arlington rally down to...
  4. Historical Society doing W&OD History program

    The Arlington Historical Society's November 14 Public Program will feature historian Ron Beavers speaking about the W&OD Railroad, now one of the DC area's favorite bike paths, and once an important...
  5. Cal cyclists ask help justifying cemetery route

    A message from some advocates attempting to justify a cross-cemetery route in Los Angeles.


    From: Dr Michael Cahn <>

    Dear Cemetery Cyclists in DC
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    W&OD Trail cracks above Wilson Blvd

    FYI, my correspondence with Karl Mohle, Park Manager of the W&OD Trail, about some pavement cracks parallel to the direction of travel between Wilson Blvd and the intersection with the Custis Trail....
  7. Kudos to Kevin again. Kevin Stalika's trail crew...

    Kudos to Kevin again. Kevin Stalika's trail crew brought big machines out this week and cut back most of the vegetation that was blocking the sightlines for riders coming south on the W&OD from Van...
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    Humpback underpass open to Pentagon

    The underpass from the Mt. Vernon trail under the humpback bridge is open. You can cross under the Parkway, ride the length of the Columbia Island parking lot, take a short trail through the woods...
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