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  1. Vegetable Doughnuts?

    We have to get our fruits and vegetables somehow! Apple Fritters? Cherry Blossom doughnuts in April?
    There will be one Chive-Cream Cheese "Everything Bagel" Doughnut at the ride start tomorrow....
  2. Join the Ride! Spaces Still Available for Saturday! Doughneuring- Glorious Weather!

    Come on down to Hains Point and get in on the Fun.
    Accepting 'Ride-Ins' at this point, but shoot me a message by Friday evening is you want to be counted for the B Doughnuts at the start; I need to...
  3. Doughnut Ride Route Reveals

    Ok, you will be so sorry if you miss the SEVEN doughnut shop Epic Ride!
    Starting with the B Doughnut Pop-Up at Hains Point!!! Get to the start, eat amazing Doghnuts.
    From there we will go into DC,...
  4. On the Calendar Now!!

    The Ride has been posted to the Forum Calendar!

    THIS Saturday, weather prediction is looking great! Noon start on Hains Point,
    meandering through the city, over the River and back to satisfy...
  5. Doughnut Ride Details are Here!


    The starting point for the Doughneuring Ride on June 3rd, 2017, will be the Freezing Saddles Picnic Area on Hains Point, also known as the Picnic Area near the point, meeting at...
  6. Consolidating the Ride Thread


    I posted this Ride in the Forums' Group Ride Topic thread.
    I think we should take the discussion there, I just didn't want any loyal Doughneurers to
    miss it!! Cross-posting is...
  7. Fly Back! National Doughnut Day!!

    Sorry Consular!
    I planned this ride to coincide with NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! Which is June 2d.

    Note that on Friday, June 2d Dunkin Donut will let you pick out one FREE DOUGHNUT if you purchase a...
  8. Last Doughneuring Ride is June 3rd!!!


    I am still in Washington and I will lead you on one more Epic Doughnut Ride in June!
    This will be a No-Drop Fun Ride featuring some of the best doughnut purveyors in the
    area. ...
  9. DOUGHNUTS!!! Save the Date, the Last Doughneuring Ride will be JUNE 3rd.


    I am still in Washington and I will lead you on one more Epic Doughnut Ride in June!
    This will be a No-Drop Fun Ride featuring some of the best doughnut purveyors in the
    area. ...
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    BIKE DC Giro Glove Found

    On new Giro red and white left hand glove found on Whitehurst Freeway during the Bike DC event on Sunday, May 14th.
    Is it yours?
  11. Pink Gloves?

    Hi--I heard someone has found the pair of pink cycling gloves I dropped at the end of the Happy Hour? If so, pm me and we can figure out a way to reunite my with them.
    Thanks!! edelweiss
  12. The Last FS17 Wash Load

    So sad to be hanging up my winter riding attire to dry one final time! I may have to keep my doughnut jersey and socks out for the off-season, just to keep my edge :cool:

  13. Excellent!

    Beautiful! Last year they had cherry filling, I assume this one did as well?
    Great off-season Doughneuring David, keep in practice for next Winter's Freezing Saddles!
    See you at the happy hour, e
  14. By 10

    Still cooking Sunday dinner here.
    I plan to be there around 10:00.
  15. Is ItDeep Fried with Powdered Sugar?

    OF COURSE ITS A DOUGHNUT! I trust you enjoyed it! e
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    Slip-Sliding Away in the Snow and Slush!

    A real Freezing Saddles Crash in the snow. Here is how it went down: I started riding a few minutes before Midnight, discovered the Trail was very snow crusted, so I took the road and looped through...
  17. Vasa Ride Challenge: it's not over Yet!!

    Vasaloppet Riders!

    I will be leading a 31-mile group around 9:30, please say hi, I am the one with doughnuts on my helmet.

    You have a chance for one more Doughneuring-qualifying pastry...
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    FS17 Green hang tags

    Look for the green tags.
    I am assigned to lead a group with a 31-mile ride start at about 9:15 or 9:30.
    Very much hoping we are not pedaling through snow. Kate
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    Vasa 31-Miler

    I am a ride leader for the 31-mile route. Anyone want to ride with me?
    I will just be really slow going up from Old Angler's to the top of MacArthur Ave...

    I expect I will be declaring...
  20. Eve of Spring Hains Point Party

    I will be there, driving my car down with bike, so I can offer support when I am not riding.

    I am a ride leader for the Half Metric Vasa Ride, if anyone wants to be in my group; ride out at...
  21. Happy Hour

    I will be there.

    I will have lots of prizes for Doughneuring participants and Winners!! e
  22. Its GREEN Alright!

    [QUOTE=consularrider;157220]A St. Patrick's Donughneuring entry a day early, a green frosted jelly Berliner from the base commissary in Wiesbaden, from a local German baker. Nothing special, and it...
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    Thread Bragging Rights

    The MOST POPULAR THREAD, Most-Posted to Thread, and The Thread That NEVER Fell Off PAGE 1 is an honor that could go to only one thread = DOUGHNEURING!!
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    Prizes for Doughnuts and Doughnut-Eating Nuts

    YES! Doughneuring Prizes will be awarded. This is a No-Doughneur-Left-Behind kind of Pointless Prize.

    There will be several TOP prizes awarded, and they are cool!

    There are prizes for my...
  25. The Last Doughneuring Challenge: St. Patrick's Day Doughnut!

    You know the drill by now: bike around to seek out an Irish-heritage themed doughnut. Take a photo and enjoy it, tell me how you liked it.
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