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  1. NHTSA: Comment on safety rules for cars/trucks by 6/8/22

    Not DMV specific, but perhaps you've experienced vehicle associated danger as a cyclist...

    Some potential comments:
    Regulate vehicle weight/hood height;
    Require systems to detect/brake for...
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    The idling New Jersey trash trucks are stinking...

    The idling New Jersey trash trucks are stinking up my new-MBT-high. Seems that 2-3 of the tractor trailers are regularly idling their diesel fumes right next to the trail. Isn't this illegal in DC?...
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    Where to donate bike parts

    Are there any local options for donating bike parts?

    Mt Rainier co-op didn't have much info. Velocity didn't seem to make mention of parts no the site, so maybe they're not taking anything.
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    Thank you. Wish that NPS provided 30% of the...

    Thank you. Wish that NPS provided 30% of the information that your post provided.
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    Rock Creek Trail open?

    Is Rock Creek Trail open from Georgetown to Military Rd-sh or are there still closures with long detours or a very exciting ride on the parkway? I know that they're still working around the Zoo. ...
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    Thanks for pulling this together. So is the new...

    Thanks for pulling this together. So is the new revised revised opening for the Ft Trash-ton bypass now the END of March?

    Looking forward to a potential end of inhaling bits of trash each day not...
  7. Bikelane Farewell Party, Sunday, 12/12/21 at 11...

    Bikelane Farewell Party, Sunday, 12/12/21 at 11 am

    Evite invite
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    Blind curve on MBT at R St. NE DC

    I've seen several close calls at the blind curve on the MBT, including this morning when a dimwit passed me by crossing into the opposing lane. Luckily, the oncoming cyclist was ready and swerved...
  9. Incident on Met Branch Trail (NoMa, NE DC), 11/4/21

    I was assaulted last night on Met Branch Trail at 6:15 pm (just after dark). There were a fair number of people on the trail, but there were still isolated pockets. Two guys on a foul-smelling...
  10. Temporary lanes on University btw Sligo Creek and Wheaton - input needed

    Just a reminder for folks who haven't seen it that input is needed regarding the temporary lanes on University Blvd btw Sligo Creek Parkway and Wheaton.

    I, for one, will miss the chance to...
  11. What to do when you see a kid doing something scary

    What do people do when they see a kid (teen) riding in a way that make one very nervous?

    Followed a kid who was riding to the DC Latin Charter School this morning. (I mean, I wasn't following...
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    Bikes for visiting family

    Guessing not, but can a person do something in their account to get (pay for) multiple bikes? Or does every bike need its own credit card? One of the riders would be a teen who doesn't have a...
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    Where do things stand on responsibilities around...

    Where do things stand on responsibilities around rebalancing? The station nearest to my house is perpetually full and now the other one is as well. I recognize that we are still in a pandemic and I...
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    Howell's district:...

    Howell's district:

    Saslaw's district:
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    VA bicycling bills under consideration now

    Apologies if this was posted and I missed it.

    Keep an eye on this site if you live in VA and consider reaching out to your legislators:

    HB2262 -
    Traffic regulation;...
  16. Cyclist Killed on East Capitol St., MD, 10/27/20
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    Awesome 12-y.o. cyclist
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    Cyclist Killed on 63rd St NE DC, 10/15/20
  19. Seems to still be the case that one needs to log...

    Seems to still be the case that one needs to log in in order to simply see racks. Am I wrong?
  20. Driver "intentionally strikes" cyclist, killing him, SE DC, 9/4/20
  21. Peition for Safer Sligo Creek Trail crossings in Prince Georges County!

    "We're calling on the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) to implement bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements at Riggs Road...
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    Ft. Totten Dr NE Speedway

    I wasn't hit and I'm sure other cyclists encountered worse yesterday but...

    Riding south on Ft. Totten Dr NE last evening to get to the MBT in the sharrows, a NOTJERK driver came upon me and could...
  23. Thanks. (Wrong Roosevelt typo not my worst...

    Thanks. (Wrong Roosevelt typo not my worst recent name switch-up.) Did the 14th during daylight and Roosevelt after dark. Riding in clean air is such a luxury.
  24. Potomac River bridges open for bikes (Roosevelt, Memorial, 14th)?

    Could someone please tell me if FDR, Memorial, and/or 14th are open right now? I need to ride from MD <-> Arlington on 4/27. I'd like to avoid Key since its pretty crowded.

  25. Cyclist Struck at Alabame Ave & Know Pl SE DC, 4/6/2020

    From Alan Henney: "BICYCLIST CRITICALLY INJURED IN CRASH--- Alabama Ave at Knox Pl SE-DC in the Garfield Heights Neighborhood. Approx. 50yr-old bicyclist taken to a trauma center after getting struck...
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