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  1. This is what I have.


    This is all I have. :/ Sorry If im missing something obvious.
  2. no private message section

    I dont have a private message section under General settings.
    Login & Privacy
    Messaging & Notifications (I dont see anything about pm)
  3. This week.

    I dont see an option for PM either. I can do this week. I dont actually start at the internship until the 1st but I'd enjoy riding with you this Tuesday-Thursday.
  4. Sounds great!

    Both options sound great and easy! Thanks dbb!
  5. Yes!

    Yes! I haven't registered with CaBi yet, but when I do I plan to register for 30-day. Thanks so much Henry!
  6. Awesome!

    Emm, That would be awesome!
  7. New to area and city biking. Suggested starter routes. Help!

    Hey everyone,
    My names Alex. I just moved here for an internship and looking to bike to work. I live in "Arlandia" just south of Four Mile Stretch and work on North Capital Street near Union...
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