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    Four Mile Run trail reconstruction status update

    The segment of the Four Mile Run Trail between US1 and S. Eads Street is now OPEN!
  2. No, the southbound bike lane is not going away....

    No, the southbound bike lane is not going away. This is one of three consecutive bus stops along Army Navy Drive (southbound) that are being made ADA accessible in coordination with a repaving...
  3. Four Mile Run project and trail closure - 9/21/2016 update

    Four Mile Run Construction Beginning Week of September 19
    The Arlington County Board approved a construction contract on June 18th for $2.9 million to restore the lower section of Four Mile Run...
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    VDOT paving schedule

    In case anybody is interested to know what roads VDOT have in the works for resurfacing each year, here’s a link to their interactive map....
  5. Wilson Boulevard Improvements - 1 year update

    On Thursday, April 14th at 7pm in the ATS Cafeteria, Arlington County Transportation staff will host a community meeting to share updates and traffic analysis for the Wilson Blvd. Project. Staff is...
  6. Boundary Channel Drive Interchange Project - Public Meeting

    Arlington is hosting a public information meeting on Tuesday, June 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the Aurora Hills Community Center for the project to replace and improve the interchange of Boundary Channel...
  7. FHWA Separated Bike Lane Planning & Design Guide

    THIS is a big deal.
    Back in 2013 the Federal Highway Administration, acknowledging the need for more...
  8. Four Mile Run - stream habitat restoration and other work along the corridor

    There is a lot happening related to the Four Mile Run stream corridor these days!

    Four Mile Run Restoration Project
    The Four Mile Run restoration project is getting underway, with Alexandria...
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    Thanks all for your suggestions. Not everything...

    Thanks all for your suggestions. Not everything people shared will find its way into the trail snow clearing plan. But the parts along the corridors I listed definitely will. Keep an ear open this...
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    Most popular trail spurs

    Arlington is currently working on developing a snow clearing plan for its major trails for this coming winter. (Please, hold your applause until the end of the presentation.)
    Details of the plan are...
  11. Where oh where has my Nova Bicycle Doctor gone?

    Has anybody been to the Nova Bicycle Doctor (aka: Vince Acot) recently? I've been bringing my whole family's bikes there for tuneups for the past few years. But I just went on line to make an...
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    Highest priority trail paving needs

    In 2014 Arlington may be able to pave a few (ie: a few hundred yards or so) of the County's most critical sections of "high-priority" trails.
    Here's a link to a Google Map showing which trails are...
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    Bridge demo delays affects trail closure schedule

    Yes, the project has been delayed quite a bit. The developers who own the bridge and the land around it (yes, including the trail, FYI!) have had to totally re-do the schedule.
    The first phase of...
  14. Judge "Roadburn" radio show on WGMU

    Forwarded from a student at George Mason University.
    Judge Roadburn!
    First episode on WGMU is Thursday night at 7pm.
    Also, here's the official Facebook page too.
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    Upcoming Four Mile Run Trail closures

    Starting December 2nd and running for approximately 6 months, a short section of the Four Mile Run trail in Potomac Yard near the junction with the Mt. Vernon Trail will be closed during most...
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    Bike Blockage Busting

    Most of these access controlled streets were created before Arlington's comprehensive adoption of "complete streets" and routine bike accommodation. If designed today, streets like Oakland (both...
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    Bike shelter available,-77.059628&spn=0.000848,0.001781&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=38.862723,-77.059648&panoid=iURObySBdKMmqJ8slcU7dQ&cbp=12,285.06,,1,9.46
    This steel and plexiglas bike...
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    Sorry mate, I didn't see you!

    This is the cheeky British name for the phenomena of "motion camouflage" that often automobile drivers in the vicinity of approaching motorcycles - usually with disastrous effects....
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    Green Lane Project - Could we do it?

    So...the multi-million dollar question: Do we - as a community - have the fortitude to take advantage of this opportunity?
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    How people move around a city

    Check out this very cool map showing how people move around New York City.
    There's a link to a page that explains the...
  21. If I understand the question correctly, you want...

    If I understand the question correctly, you want to know if recommended bike routes are ever temporarily altered to account for disruptions created by construction activity? The answer so far has...
  22. Biking Gauntlet from Fairfax Drive to Clarendon Blvd

    This string is from a recent discussion I participated in on the ArlNow forum. I figured it might be more appropriate here, so I offer it up to the forum as an open topic. (PS: "TLH" is me!)
  23. The ultimate "Bike vs..." challenge!
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    Research on Cycle Tracks

    Very interesting study.

    You can also just jump to the conclusions if...
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