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    It only works if the original info is correct --...

    It only works if the original info is correct -- which it wasn't. I checked the race website and it says it's on SUNDAY. <sigh>
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    W&OD Weekend Congestion Alert

    Not sure if this is the best thread to get the word out:

    Heads up for

    Sunday April 7, if you're riding W&OD in Loudoun: From 28.5 west there will be 700-750 runners on the trail for the...
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    Found iPhone on W&OD

    If anyone lost an iPhone on the W&OD near Vienna on Tuesday (6/12), contact the W&OD Offices and they'll connect you with the woman who found it.
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    Early Bird Pricing Ends August 6

    Just in case you need to know that. :-)
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    We can sing to you

    Let us know when you check in and we'll sing Happy Birthday to you. Or not - whatever you prefer!

    Get a BUNCH of people to ride with you to celebrate and stick around afterwards to party like it's...
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    2017 Reston Century Registration is Open

    2017 - 35th Annual Reston Century offered by Reston Bike Club.
    August 27, 2017

    Very cool T-shirt design to celebrate our 35th year!
    Parking in Reston Town Center garages free on weekend,...
  7. Lake Fairfax area being considered for sewage dump

    Latest on this...bicyclists need to go to these meetings too -- not just homeowners who live near Lake Fairfax.
  8. Adventure Cycling Regional Gathering in March

    Finally! All the details! Dreaming of warmer weather, cross-country touring, letting the road be your guide? Then come to the Regional Gathering hosted by Adventure Cycling Association, Reston...
  9. Adventure Cycling Regional Gathering in March

    In anticipation of the National Bike Summit, the folks from Missoula, MT -- also known as Adventure Cycling Association -- will be coming back to town. Mark your calendars for a nice gathering (you...
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    W&OD Maintenance this weekend - 1/16-17

    Heads Up Folks:

    Dominion Virginia Power will be pruning and removing trees along 8-10 miles of the W&OD Trail, from the Reston area east, for the next several weeks. The Northern Virginia Regional...
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    Beer, Bikes & Film -- Sept 10

    The New Belgium Brewing Company is hosting a Clips Beer and Film Tour in Reston on Thursday, September 10 where all profits from beer and merchandise sales go to FABB. New Belgium's events are always...
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    Close Call Database

    I may be late to this party, but just in case others haven't heard about it, check this out and register. Only by working together will we all be safer.

    And of...
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    Phoenix Bikes Sizzling Suburban Century

    SATURDAY AUGUST 1 -- Join us for the 2nd Annual Kennan Garvey Memorial Ride – a “Sizzling Suburban Century” benefiting Phoenix Bikes’ Capital Campaign for a new building! The course is open to all...
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    July 5 W&OD CLOSED for ONE HOUR see details

    There will be a brief (approx 1 hour, approx 1 mile) trail closure on the morning of July 5 in Reston because of the World Police Games half marathon, allegedly starting 8 a.m. No detour!
  15. July 5 W&OD CLOSED for ONE HOUR see details

    There will be a brief (approx 1 hour, approx 1 mile) trail closure on the morning of July 5 in Reston because of the World Police Games half marathon, allegedly starting 8 a.m. No detour!
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    Bike Coordinator Position - Fairfax County

    The position has been re-announced as they didn't hire anyone from the first round.

    Job #: 15-00222
    Job Title: Bicycle Program Coordinator (Transportation Planner III)
    Opening Date/Time: Sat....
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    W&OD Belmont Ridge Road Crossing

    Do you have an opinion about the flashing beacon there? VDOT wants to hear from you!

    Do you ride the W&OD out to the west? Share your opinion on the Belmont Ridge Road flashing beacons! You...
  18. 30k/50k Charity Ride In Md/WilsonBridge/VA on October 4

    A great charity ride coming up if you're not already committed on October 4. 13th Annual Summerville 30k/50k bike (they're also doing walks and runs). The route includes Woodrow Wilson bridge and...
  19. From someone who was on the ride

    The guy was the 'leap frogging' type: does not like to be passed. The group passed him once and he rushed to the head of the group, then started dropping back, followed by this final move. The worst...
  20. Help ID this guy -- caused a bike crash sending 2 to hospital

    From a friend's post.

    Yesterday I was testing a Fly6 camera during the Bike Rack group ride. We were close to Military Rd on Beach Dr, when a random cyclist decided to cut in between the line,...
  21. Bikes on Metro

    Purchasing a folding bike is not within a lot of peoples' budgets.

    Bikes being treated as legitimate parts of the transportation system is important.

    Not wanting to be myopic. Wanting them to...
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    VDOT asking for input about curb cuts

    I wasn't sure what part of the forum this falls into. Good curb cuts are cyclists' friends too...please share! Note response date is Aug 31. This is as I received it from a friend at Easter Seals:...
  23. Petition for WMATA to add a bike car to every 3rd train/8 car train

    I'm tired of bikes being seen as impediments at the same time the news tells us the last train cars (esp. on...
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    Kennan Garvey Memorial Ride

    The inaugural Kennan Garvey Memorial Ride is a low-key supported trail ride and fundraiser for Phoenix Bikes. It will cover the entire W&OD trail (with an optional spur on the Custis Trail) with...
  25. Short Bike Procession to Celebrate New Bike Room at Wiehle-Reston East MEtro Station

    Come help us celebrate the new bike room at Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station. The first of its kind in Fairfax County, the bike room is a secure facility that cyclists can get a membership for where...
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