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  1. Annual DC Dutch Bike Ride - DC Netherlands Association + E-bike Lovers


    Go Dutch on your e-bike or regular bicycle with E-Bike Lovers and DC Dutch, the Netherlands Association in Washington DC. Be prepared for Dutch...
  2. Call to Action - Let's keep Rock Creek Park Car-free - Petition

    Call to Action: Sign the petition to keep Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park car-free.

    Upper Beach Drive offers the biking community unparalleled opportunities to ride our bikes in a low-stress, safe...
  3. We are working on a documentary: "A story of the electric bicycle in the US"

    Dear cyclists,

    I am working on a documentary: "A story of the electric bicycle in the United States", and I am looking for cyclists who have a story to tell on camera about e-biking. Positive,...
  4. E-Bike Lovers DC - Sat, Oct 24 E-Biking from White's Ferry to Sugarloaf Mountain

    This event will be a combined towpath and farmland tour from White's Ferry, via the Monocacy aqueduct, the Dickerson Conservation Park, and Sugarloaf Mountain.

    Please register at:...
  5. E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 E-biking from Peirce Mill to Reno Point

    The event's theme will be boating on the Potomac in DC. We meet at Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park. If the parking lots are full near Peirce Mill, you can park on Tilden Street.

    Arrival time is 10...
  6. E-Bike Lovers DC - Sept 26, 2020 E-Biking to Great Falls (MD) from Fletcher's Cove

    We will bike to the Great Falls from Fletcher's Cove. The C&O Canal will be our main pathway and we return via MacArthur Blv. We meet at the parking lot at Abner Cloud House.

    We will follow social...
  7. E-Bike Lovers, August 29, 2020 E-bicycling from Fletcher's Boat House to Virginia

    We will be biking towards George Town, cross the Potomac and find our way to the Chain Bridge to return to the boat house.

    We meet at the parking lot at Abner Cloud House.

    Arrival time is 10...
  8. E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, August 8, 2020 e-Bike ride in NoVA, BBQ Lunch

    We'll ride on the W&OD (Washington & Old Dominion), a paved multi-use rail-trail. We'll meet at the W&OD parking lot off of Pacific Blvd in Sterling, VA at 10:00am and start out riding west on the...
  9. E-biking from Hains Point to Kenilworth Park Aquatic Gardens Saturday, July 25, 2020


    E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, July 25, 2020 - E-bicycling from Hains Point to the Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens

    From Hains Point, we will be biking to the Kenilworth Park & Aquatic...
  10. E-Bike Lovers DC - Saturday, July 11, 2020 E-biking from Peirce to Veirce Mill


    We follow COVID 19 social distancing guidelines

    For the E-bike Lovers group to be successful, we need to grow our membership carefully. Please feel free to invite other E-bike...
  11. E-bicycling (e-biking) in the Spring - Washington DC and Maryland - E-bike Lovers DC


    Weather permitting, we start the new season on Saturday, March 7. If the weather is E-bike unfriendly, we may jump on our E-bicycles on the following Sunday. We will announce the final...
  12. Team 5 Freezing Paddles: Name TBD during happy hour

    This is team 5.

    I am Dutch and used to some cold weather biking. I enjoy non-alcoholic craft beers on my bike rides and they can be surprisingly good. I will bring delicious Dutch cookies...
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    Hi, I'm Gregory and being Dutch, I look forward to using my winter biking skills in this group.
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    Parking for bicycles

    Thanks for posting this event. Does anyone know if there is secure parking for my E-bike at the venue?

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