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  1. I am planning to be there.

    I am planning to be there.
  2. I am planning to attend tonight.

    I am planning to attend tonight.
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    I only had one crash this 2018 Freezing Saddles...

    I only had one crash this 2018 Freezing Saddles season, but it was a significant one. On MLK's Birthday (Monday Jan. 15th) I was off to meet folks in my group (Sleet 16) to get some social miles in....
  4. Implementing a Successful Bicycle and Active Commuting Program Nationwide 2016

    See attached guide from the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  5. Flexible benefits for greener commutes

    Join us for a forum on improving commuter benefits View this email in a web browser

    Coalition for Smarter...
  6. Example Event

    The attached event has already occurred, but provides an example of an agency event that is open to other agencies/folks.
  7. Security Barriers and Curb Cuts

    Dana, thanks for the report.

    One of my issues with security measures, is around security barriers. In many cases there are not curb cuts on either side (before and after) the barriers, and this...
  8. Security Measures that Conflict with Bicycling

    This thread is for discussion about security measures around our buildings that can be an impediment to bicycling and bike commuting to work.
  9. Posted Minutes from Federal Interagency Bike Group Meetings

    Minutes from first meeting below, and minutes from meetings #2 thru #5 are attached.


    Federal Interagency Bike...
  10. Events Related to the Federal Interagency Bike Group

    This thread will be for events. Please post events related to the Federal Interagency Bike Group.
  11. Govloop article on Interagency Bicycle Group

    This thread is about an article posted on "govloop".

    See article at


    Eric Goodman
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    Thanks for the advice

    Thanks everyone for the advice on what I should do next. I will try to contact the welder on Craigslist and see if a repair is do-able. Attached is a photo if the head tube crack.
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    Folding Bike Head Tube Crack

    I have an aluminum Dahon Vitesse folding bike which is about 7 years old. It was recently pointed out to me that I have a hairline crack in my head tube. In the interim, I have put a hose clamp...
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