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    Bakfiets w/ e-assist

    Hi, all. I've posted with questions about hauling me, two kids, and our gear, gotten lots of good advice, but still haven't made a decision. I'm now leaning toward a bakfiets with e-assist and have...
  2. Thanks so much! Is there some place around...

    Thanks so much!

    Is there some place around here where I can try a bakfiets? The Daily Rider has a store model Bullit - do you think it'd be close enough? How about the Spicy Curry? It looks soooo...
  3. elBodaBoda, Gondoliere, or something else?

    Hi. I'm looking for a cargo bike for me and my two kids and thought I'd reach out here for your collective wisdom. The specifics: we live in the city, on top of a moderate hill, and I'm looking for...
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