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    Nationwide injuries per 100 million trips
    Motorcycles: 10,337
    Bicycles: 1,461
    Car: 803
    Pedestrians: 216
    Bus: 161
    Source: American Journal...
  2. True! I have already talked to a lot of cyclists...

    True! I have already talked to a lot of cyclists who bike for the health benefits, speed, and fun.
  3. I'm just looking for someone like myself to write...

    I'm just looking for someone like myself to write a story about. Obviously, statistically, biking is less safe than public transport, but with all the safety and maintenance issues Metro is having,...
  4. Anyone quit taking the metro and start bike commuting for safety reasons?

    Hi all,
    I'm writing a story for the Washington Post Express and looking to chat with people who quit taking metro and started bike commuting at least in part because they were concerned about the...
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    Watch out for the streetcar tracks!

    I know three people who have taken nasty tumbles due to the new streetcar tracks.

    There are signs that say "bicyclists, watch out for streetcar tracks" but apparently I am not the only person to...
  6. Journalist looking for stolen-bike stories

    Hi there!
    I'm writing a story about bike thefts, and I was wondering if any of you have managed to get yours back, somehow? Perhaps you chased down a thief, or had found it listed on Craigslist or...
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