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  1. Tracking Bikeshare Station repositioning when ID remains same

    Hi all,

    I've noticed that some stations get repositioned by a few blocks as the system grows, while the station ID remains the same.

    For my app, I need to be able to detect these changes and...
  2. WMATA posts metrorail origin-destination data

    It's a CSV file containing pairs of stations, and the average trips per day between those stations in May.

    While it's not CaBi data, I thought it might be interesting to use as a comparison for...
  3. Eric Budd created some nice graphs of Q1 2012...

    Eric Budd created some nice graphs of Q1 2012 hourly usage by members vs. casual users.
  4. Bikeshare vs. transit analyses

    Using a trip planner from OpenPlans, James Wong has some new results about the trip durations where users will choose bikeshare vs. transit.
  5. new rebalancing analyses

    New work on reverse rider rewards and trip elevation changes by Rob Pitingolo:
  6. Michael, great movies. It seems to me the CaBi...

    Michael, great movies. It seems to me the CaBi developer / data hacker community has just about caught up with the Londoners, even though we've had a year less time to hack! Let that be a challenge...
  7. Bicycling is the fastest way to travel in downtown DC

    I've posted the results of a trip data analysis showing how bicycling speed compares to other modes, based on a sample of station pairs at Greater Greater Washington.
  8. Rebalancing trips are not included in trip data

    I just received clarification from CaBi that rebalancing trips are excluded from the trip data.

    Bikes are "ghosted" by the service techs' keys and are not recorded in the trip database.
  9. Justin, Corey's flat.csv file (linked above) has...

    Justin, Corey's flat.csv file (linked above) has trip elevation changes and Euclidean distances.
  10. Capital Bikeshare Trip History Data -- Results Roundup

    Hey everyone and welcome to the forum,

    In late 2011, Daniel Gohlke of, Tom Fairchild of Arlington's Mobility Lab, and I got Capital Bikeshare to agree to release a data set...
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