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  1. The wheels are great. Unfortunately, the 8-speed freewheel will only work with the hubs with a spacer and I am not sure that one can get a spacer for the sealed-bearing Mavic hubs. All that is fine because I just replaced the freewheel with a 7 speed that I had. Since I am using friction shifters, there is a certain benefit to not having as many different cogs.
  2. Hi there,

    How are the wheels holding up?

  3. My e-mail address is mwilliams(at)
  4. Yes, I still have the wheelset. I can send you pics via phone or email.
  5. If your 700 c wheelset is still available, I'm interested. Are the rims/tires clinchers? If so and if available, please send pics. Thanks, Mark
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