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02-09-2016, 03:21 PM
OTCA has posted their latest newsletter, which includes a lengthy section on the new Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:


The section begins at the end of Page 5.

My thoughts:

1) They do try to attack the process itself (by addressing the manpower used to create the plan). This is more of an existential issue.
2) Mentions the lack of Old Town projects in the pipeline.
3) References to the fact that City statistics show that 1% of residents bike to work, and 1% of children bike to school.

But the big enemy in their mind is the Royal Street Bikeway. Considering the line "somewhere, someone is looking at those Royal Street median strips", which I presume the author is referring to the median strips on Royal between Franklin and Green. Odd as I see it because the overwhelming majority of Royal Street doesn't have median strips as it stands today anyway. The critique argues that the bikeway will remove the medians and trees and make it easier for Fairfax commuters to speed through the neighborhood. You can read it all you yourself.

I say let the association focus all of its energies on stopping this project, making the opposition use up its political capital on the Royal Street Bikeway, which would leave a lot of space for all of the other projects to go through.