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01-30-2016, 07:02 PM
Is there any way to shrink the size of the map legend and all the headers on the Map page? There are three separate rows in the header, while the legend takes up a lot of unnecessary space at the bottom. Much of the bottom row is blank white space. All combined, these headers and the legend take up half of the entire screen. That's far too much. It makes the map very difficult to use. If the map was given more screen space, it would be easier to take a zoomed-out view of the map and quickly determine if there are bikes at the start station and available dock spaces at the destination station. As it is, scrolling and zooming in/out of the map view are required, when that shouldn't be necessary.

The legend could easily be shrunk into a much smaller box and placed on the bottom right. There's no need to take up nearly a quarter of the screen for the map legend.

The "Station Map" sub-header could also be reduced in size. It doesn't need to take up an entire row of the screen.



Could the top two header rows be consolidated? Each of those rows includes a link to the home page, one right above the other. There only needs to be one link to the home page.

The About, FAQ, Press Kit, How It Works, Pricing and System Data links could be combined. Maybe the About or How It Works link could have a drop-down menu when the mouse cursor hovers over it. That could reveal sub-links for the other related pages. If someone clicks on the About or How It Works link, it could go to a general page with the current text for that page plus a list of related links, with large-font titles for each of those other pages.

This would free up space on the main header row to move the Contact, Store, Member Login and Join buttons to that row. Then those two header rows can be shrunk to just one header row. This will free up screen space on every page of the website, but most importantly on the Station Map page, which is probably the page most frequently used. A long-time member doesn't need to look at most of the pages on a regular basis, only the Member Login page and the Station Map page (to determine how many bikes and open docks are available at particular bike stations that day).

The Station Map page in particular looks as though one of those browser hijack toolbars was added to it. If the legend can't be reduced in size, could there at least be the option to hide it? And maybe an option for registered users to have the legend box turned off by clicking on a check box or a selection in a future Settings menu in the Member Area section, with the option to re-enable it at any time in the Settings menu? Better yet, what about a reduced legend box plus the ability to turn off the map legend in Settings and through a check box, plus the ability to re-enable the legend box?

02-01-2016, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the suggestions! The station map is part of the services we receive from the software provider that does our operations software, so we'll be sure to mention the scaling and visible area as part of the next round of updates to the system.f

02-03-2016, 12:21 PM
I would also like to see the Bicycling layer from the Google Maps page added to the station map.