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12-16-2015, 09:34 AM
Some of you may have read about Tim Holden being struck and killed by a driver in Bethesda back in August. This Friday he will be buried at Arlington Cemetery with full military honors. His family is very supportive of local bikers and a convoy to accompany the motorcade is described below. I hope to attend. Story can be read here: http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2015/Local-Bicyclists-Rattled-by-Fatal-Bethesda-Collision/

On Friday December 18th, he and his family will gather at Gawler's funeral home on Wisconsin Ave NW for his final ride to Arlington Cemetery where he will be buried with full military honors at 0900. With his family's blessing, I'd like to invite you to join in a bike escort of his motorcade from Lincoln Memorial to Arlington Cemetery that morning. I hope you agree this is a fitting tribute for "one of us". There will be media covering this event so be sure to wear matching socks. If you're in a group, it would be appropriate to wear your group kit. Dress appropriately & bring visible accessories. Let's give Holden the honor he deserves!


Option 1 Cyclists Meet Up:

645: Meet at Bethesda Pool (6300 Little Falls Parkway Bethesda MD 20816); there is free parking at the lot as well as at the lot for the park just N on Little Falls

0700: Depart Bethesda Pool down Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) to Georgetown

0730: Arrive N of Lincoln Memorial along Potomac River

0745: Procession arrives

0805: Depart for Arlington Cemetery with Holden motorcade

0815: Arrive Arlington Cemetery

0900: Ceremony

At will: Return up CCT to Bethesda Pool

Option 2 Cyclists Meet Up:

If coming from VA or in case riding from/to Bethesda inconvenient:

0730: Cyclists arrive N of Lincoln Memorial along Potomac River (there is 3 hr free street parking in both directions inside red oval)

0745: Procession arrives

0805: Depart for Arlington Cemetery with Holden motorcade across Memorial Bridge

0900: Ceremony

At will: Return up CCT to Bethesda Pool

Holden's family welcomes our respectful attendance at the ceremony at Arlington. If you haven't attended before, an Arlington burial with full military honors is unforgettable. Arlington is making an exception for us so bike's are permitted on the grounds. Following the CCT from Georgetown to Bethesda will bring you back to Bethesda Pool after ~8 miles. There are some outstanding coffee & pastry shops in Georgetown on the way at Baked & Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW) and Malmaison (3401 Water St NW) on the way.

Note that in addition to honoring Holden we would also like to take the opportunity to raise the profile on the need for better bike/car coexistence. This will not be done in any way to take the attention away from the primary reason we will be there but simply to bring attention to an issue that deserves it. As we know, cyclists have little protection and we're just as entitled to lawfully using the roads as the person behind the wheel. If you are asked by media, please highlight your support in honor of Holden and be measured and thoughtful in your advocacy for greater driver acceptance of, and vigilance for, fellow cyclists.

Thanks all for your consideration of this effort! Let's Ride & Honor!

12-16-2015, 10:28 AM
Convoy from Bikenetic (new location) to Bethesda departs at 5:30am.

12-16-2015, 01:34 PM
Not clear on what meeting N of Lincoln Memorial along Potomac means. I could wait by the bridge on the north side but since the sidewalk is closed, I presume we (even cyclists) would be taking the road as part of the procession.

12-16-2015, 02:16 PM
A Washcycle post added the detail that people would meet at 7:30 next to the sand volleyball courts on the Mall (along the river north of the Lincoln Memorial). I hope that helps the two of us, and maybe more.

12-17-2015, 06:20 PM
More information about this can be found on Facebook by doing a search for "Ride w/Tim Holden".

12-18-2015, 12:55 PM
Nice coverage here: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/58605275-story

12-21-2015, 09:47 PM
Lead group on the CCT heading toward Georgetown.

Staging near the Lincoln Memorial

Hundreds of cyclists joined the ride.