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11-25-2015, 11:27 PM
I grew up in a family that did not actually celebrate Thanksgiving, so this holiday has never meant a whole lot to me. But it’s always good to count one’s blessings, as in thanks-giving. So tonight I’ve started writing a list of things I am thankful for as a bicycle rider:
--happy commutes, the soothing balm that washes away the stress of the day….some rides are pure awesomeness, a mind-blowing drug that’d be worth millions if only you could capture it in a bottle.
--Phoenix Bikes for all the sweat and tears they put into my trusty ol’ bike in recent months so I wouldn’t have to retire it.
--my daily feast when I arrive at work… each day I bring to the office two cheese sticks and some slices of bread for my brunch (no time to fuss with morning food preparations), yet thanks to my bike rides this dull meal tastes unbelievably good day after day.
--our two-wheeled summer vacation in Maine, financed entirely with money saved on Metro rides we don’t take.
--eye-candy…seriously, you bicycling people just rock it! Can’t say I mind.
--the many thoughtful drivers, pedestrians and fellow riders.
--fun friends from FS, coffee clubs and random rides. You mean a lot to me.
Happy celebrations, everyone. w&w

11-30-2015, 07:24 AM
Thanks for sharing w&w! Reading it was a nice way to reflect on the holiday (as well as wonderful year of cycling) before gearing up for a drizzly commute.

Despite hosting Thanksgiving this year (first time having it at our place and therefore in charge of the turkey :eek:) I was able to get out beforehand for a ride. I spent the first half reflecting on the blessings of the year, including quite a few cycling related ones!

Beyond the basic ones (healthy body, supportive husband who can deal with my riding off incommunicado for half a day etc.) I'm so thankful for the numerous opportunities this area provides for cycling, in terms of trails, routes, and events! I know none of them would exist without the investment of time, treasure and passion of people who came before; so I'm grateful to the community that supports it. To that end, I'm so thankful I wandered onto the forums this year and was able to meet you all. It has this year the best for cycling yet!