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07-18-2011, 01:39 PM
As training for a proposed bigger ride I have coming up in August I decided to do an overnight trip this weekend to prove to myself I could ride 100 miles on consecutive days. This was basically the only available weekend I could do it for the past month so I was lucky that the weather decided to cooperate and stayed in the tolerable upper 80's to 90 degrees.

My goal was to ride 100 miles out on Saturday forcing me to ride 100 miles back on Sunday. I made the trip successfully and can recommend some really nice roads up near the Taneytown, MD Gettysburg, PA area. I also recommend an early morning cruise around Gettysburg National Battlefield. I left from our apartment in Arlington around 7:15 am and headed north on the CCT, Beach Drive, then Rock Creek trail. I used Laytonsville Road and Long Corner Rd to get to Mount Airy, then continued on back roads and state roads up to Bigerville, PA where I spent the night. Saturday's ride felt great, but I was worried that part of that was due to a strong southerly tailwind that I would be fighting on the way home.

Sunday's ride was a little more grueling, but not too bad considering. A headwind in the heat isn't so bad because it helps to cool you... small consolation I guess. On the way back I took Green Valley Road to the west of Mt. Airy and stopped in Damascus for a bit. Once I made it there, it was almost all downhill back to Arlington. All in all it was a good trip! 202 miles and I broke my previous speed record with 44mph! That was on a hill just south of Mt. Airy (Some of the hills in that area are brutal: beware!)

I took some pictures but not sure how to post them on here....

Joe Chapline
07-18-2011, 02:31 PM
I took some pictures but not sure how to post them on here....

When you create a new post, you should see a little icon that looks like a paper clip among the tools above the text field. Click that to attach photos to the post. It will show you image files you've already uploaded, if any; click the "Add Files" button in the upper right, then the "Select Files" button to upload image files. There's also a "Manage Attachments" button below the text field whe you're writing a new post; I think that does exactly the same thing as the paper clip icon.

You should also have the ability to edit your own existing posts. Click the link "Edit Post" under the text. Then click the "Go Advanced" button under the text field to get the paper clip icon and "manage attachments" button.

07-18-2011, 05:09 PM
That sounds like an amazing venture.

My riding partner would not be down for that but I'd love to try that trek at some point. It sounds like an awesome challenge.

What are you riding?
I'm really interested in increasing top speed (not enough to by a new bike....yet, but I find it fascinated)

As far as posting pics, I always upload all my personal images to Picassa or Photobucket and link them here or elsewhere. When you view the image in the browser right click and select copy image url (at least that is how it shows in Chrome). If you use these brackets [ img ] [ /img ] (found in the third from the right of the tab you type in) and copy/paste the address.