View Full Version : Long-term members can now use credit/debit card at bike stations

11-04-2015, 10:52 AM

With our new “Card as Key” functionality as a back-up plan, you can use the credit or debit card associated with your membership to check out a bike at any station. Simply visit the station kiosk, select “Rent a Bike” and insert the card you used to purchase your membership. It will use your card to identify you as a member. Follow the onscreen instructions and use the five digit code to unlock any available bike at the station. Day Key members may activate their membership at a kiosk, but will not be able to use their card to access their member account for subsequent trips.

New members will benefit, too. Starting today, when you sign up for a membership at Capitalbikeshare.com, your membership will be ready to use right away. Simply use the credit or debit card used to purchase your membership at any kiosk. When your key arrives, visit our website and activate it to skip the kiosk and use your key.

11-07-2015, 02:33 PM
Ah! Fantastic! I missed this news; thanks for sharing.

And I can now replace my broken key fob, which is split in two (but I managed to rescue the chip and tape it inside the fob which still allows it to work). The first time I tried to replace it, I was told my account would be deactivated until the new key arrived. Now, according to the FAQ: "While you wait for your replacement key, you can still use your membership at any station. Simply visit the station kiosk, select “Get a Bike (Member)” and dip the credit or debit card you used to sign up for your membership." So good!