View Full Version : videographer needed to capture Kidical MASSIVE Global family bike ride on Sept 19

Liz Canning
08-27-2015, 08:43 PM
Hello Bike Arlington!
I’ve been collaborating with over 100 cargo bike riders from all over the world for the past 4 years on a crowdsourced documentary about the cargo bike movement: http://www.lesscarmorego.com
I have the material I need to tell this great story, but have been waiting for a climactic scene to present itself—something epic and cinematic that demonstrates a definitive cultural shift. Kidical MASSIVE, wherein the family bike movement will participate in simultaneous group rides all over the world on September 19th, is perfect! (more info here: http://www.kidicalmass.org)

To do this event justice and turn it into an exciting ending for our film, I will need help. I am enlisting volunteer “Co-Directors” wherever I can, so please let me know if you can document this event or have video of other Kidical Mass rides you'd like to submit to our crowdsourced project.

In other cities I am hiring enthusiastic pros and paying low-budget/indie doc rates. From what Gillian, the ride organizer, has told me, the DC MASSIVE will be epic and not to be missed. I’m looking for someone with equipment who could capture some ride preparation, a few soundbites from organizers and participants, and then document the ride as it moves. Please contact me if you or someone you know might be available and equipped to take this on!

Thanks very much in advance.
Liz Canning