View Full Version : Miami Beach and Miami bikeshare, also sponsored by Citibank

07-12-2015, 12:32 PM
Miami Beach had the first bikeshare system in South Florida, under the DecoBike name. I think the bikes were single-speed only, with a docking mechanism different from the Bixi-based system of Capital Bikeshare.

In December 2014, Miami started its bikeshare program, also operated by DecoBike. DecoBike also signed a 5-year sponsorship deal with Citibank Now both the Miami Beach and Miami programs are named Citi Bike, just like the program in NYC.

Citibank said that many cities had contacted them about similar sponsorship deals for their bikeshare programs, but Miami/Miami Beach is the first deal they have signed outside of NYC.

[On a side note: While Miami and Miami Beach may not have the largest bikeshare system in the U.S., I think they may lead in highest usage of bikes by people in bikinis. However, with the new Citibank sponsorship deal, their website no longer features bikini-clad women on the bikes, as it did in the DecoBike days.]


The Capital Bikeshare jurisdictions have spoken about finding sponsorship deals in the past, but they haven't found a lead sponsor like Citibank. (I remember reading about an issue with outdoor advertising in Arlington or anywhere in Virginia, but I don't recall the specifics, or how that could limit sponsorship opportunities for Capital Bikeshare.)

At least there are some bikeshare programs that are finding sponsors. Seattle's new bikeshare program, Pronto, signed Alaska Airlines as a lead sponsor. The airline name is prominent on the Seattle bikes although the system isn't named after the airline.