View Full Version : National Mall Reno doesn't include widened curb ramps to street

06-29-2011, 08:58 PM
I commute from the State Dept to Arlington via Memorial Bridge and have been watching the extensive Mall renovations, which now include better pedestrian cross-walks near the Lincoln Memorial and widened sidewalks (all-new foundations) paralleling Constitution Ave. But as the crews complete each section, I'm dismayed to find the ramps to the street are still the narrow 2-3 foot width. When faced with a hoard of tourists waiting to cross, including a wheelchair, stroller or two, and a couple of bikes, these tiny ramps are insufficient -- total bottleneck. Why doesn't the Dept of Interior widen the ramps to complement the broader sidewalks? Considering the increased number of wheel chair-bound vets visiting the Vietnam & WWII Memorials, as well as flocks of segues, these 2-foot ramps make many intersections nearly impassible for a growing number of people. At the very least, we need to import California-style curbs which bikes can easily negotiate.