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Located in front of the two new apartment buildings, The Acadia and The Bartlett, looking west. (The Pentagon City mall and the Ritz-Carlton hotel are visible in the background.) The Acadia should be finished by June. It will include ground-floor retail. The Bartlett is scheduled to deliver by Spring 2016. That building will include a Whole Foods grocery on the ground floor. The Bartlett will be the largest residential building in Pentagon City, in terms of units. The future Whole Foods is visible at the left. The Acadia is farther off in the distance.


As part of the permit process, the developers agreed to build half of a new 12th Street S., connecting Fern St. with Eads St. I believe the road will be one-way only, eastbound. The developer for the PenPlace project (the field to the north, which is empty except for some trees and a Residence Inn) has agreed to build the westbound lanes of the road in the future.

I think the existing bike/pedestrian path should remain open until the westbound lanes are built, but I don't know the exact procedure and schedule.

I had contacted The Acadia because of an old note on their website under the Amenities section. It listed Revolution Cycles, but I think that's an outdated reference to the old Revolution Cycles City Hub store in Crystal City. City Hub had a private bike rental fleet where employees and residents of Crystal City and some sections of Pentagon City could sign up for a rental membership. (Revolution Cycles later closed the City Hub.)

When I heard back from them, they told me that they hadn't finalized the line-up of retail or restaurants that would open on the ground floor of that building.

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The Acadia is scheduled to open in a couple weeks. But I don't know if this new section of 12th Street S. will open for through-traffic. Construction is still going on at the Bartlett building. They may block off part of or all of this new street until that building is completed next year.