View Full Version : New CommuterStore screens with bikeshare updates

04-21-2015, 02:46 PM
CommuterStore opened up a new location in the Crystal City Shops. This location is close to the Metro escalators, across from the Dunkin' Donuts and the newsstand (in the former travel goods store).

Next to the front glass panels and door are two video screens. One shows Metro updates in (near?) real-time for the Crystal City station. The other includes real-time info for bus routes at the Crystal City Metro stops. The panels also include VRE train updates (for the VRE station a couple blocks away), Zipcar availability status, and bike/dock info for the Capital Bikeshare stations closest to the Metro station. There are five CaBi stations within two blocks of the Metro station. The CaBi section of the screen rotates among some of these bike stations.

The screens can help with travelers who are connecting between different transportation modes. It can also help to inform some of those people about the benefits of Capital Bikeshare. CaBi can be used to supplement VRE, Metro or the new Metroway bus rapid transit system, to travel within Arlington or to DC or Alexandria.

It also continues to emphasize that transportation in Arlington can take many forms, not just driving or Metro. As noted elsewhere, one of the northbound lanes of Crystal Drive could be converted to a bus/bike only lane by this summer, making the Crystal City area even more transit-bike-oriented.

The store itself has staff and a computer terminal where people can obtain more detailed information about travel to/from Crystal City. The walls are stocked with supplies of paper maps and bus map/timetables, for those who don't want to use a smartphone.

There's another CommuterStore in the Shops, a few minutes away on foot. I don't know if that location will remain open. It's closer to the VRE station, so there can be a need for both store locations in the Shops. The new store also fills up the empty space of the old vacant store. (The former Sbarro restaurant space is still empty.)