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04-10-2015, 12:01 AM
This new festival serves as the official closing of the 2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival.


I haven't heard anything about it here, even though it's supposed to include a bike parade. Did anyone hear about this before? I read about it on the Cherry Blossom website. You would think that if they have a bike parade, they would publicize it on goDCgo and this forum (which officially covers DC as well as Arlington and the rest of the region).

I think it's an interesting idea, if somewhat puzzling. I get that they want to include areas East of the River in the world-famous Cherry Blossom Festival. Will there be a lot of visitors there? It's a bit out of the way, especially for tourists who usually don't visit Anacostia Park. There aren't any internationally-known monuments or memorials there, and I'm not sure you can see the famous cherry blossoms from the park. (I haven't been there before, so I can't confirm this.) The Anacostia River itself is in poor shape, as noted below.

If they want to continue this as a tradition, the city should think about planting cherry trees in the park and along stretches of the Anacostia River. (Another problem is that the river remains heavily polluted, from Navy Yard and other industrial plant activities in the past. The river doesn't get cleaned because of lower water flow than the Potomac. As many as half of all the bullhead catfish in the Anacostia have tumors, according to a recent W. Post article (http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/a-swimmable-anacostia-river-something-to-look-forward-to-in-a-decade-or-more/2015/01/04/bd523758-70ff-11e4-893f-86bd390a3340_story.html).)

On the other hand, there has been a lot of development nearby, particularly at Capitol Waterfront and Navy Yard just across the river from the park. National Park is now familiar to baseball fans across the country. There are many new restaurants, offices and residential buildings there. But that still lies on the other side of the river.

I'm undecided about whether I'll go. I hope they do manage to attract good-sized crowds.

04-10-2015, 12:06 AM

(Copied from the official website)

Bike Parade & Fish Windsock Workshops

Join us on April 12, 2015 at 1PM for the Anacostia River Festival Fish Bike Parade (Participants should arrive at 12:30PM to line up for the parade. Helmet is required for participation in the parade). What is a Fish Bike Parade? Picture hundreds of bikes riding around the DC streets with colorful handmade fish windsocks convening at the festival to create an above water river display. We think it will be a beautiful and memorable sight.

Over the next few weeks ArtReach and Illumination Coaltion will be creating fish flags inspired by the Japanese tradition of creating carp-shaped windsocks known as "Koinobori". The fish windsocks will then be attached to poles on the back of bikes for a flying fish performance at the festival. In preparation of the parade we will be hosting a few workshops to create fish windsocks at the ArtReach studio at THEARC and various DC neighborhoods. The workshops are FREE, open to all ages, and for everyone regardless of creative experience.

Upcoming drop-in workshops:

Thursday, April 9: 4:30 - 6:30pm at Hill Center

Thursday, April 9: 6:30 - 8:30pm at Hill Center

Want us to help you or your organization host a fish making event? Let us know! For additional information contact Melissa Green at mgreen@thearcdc.org

04-10-2015, 09:12 AM
We'll be riding down for the festival, but, as is typical, whether we get to a particular location at a particular time is always uncertain. :) We tend to be easily distracted by shiny objects...

04-10-2015, 09:30 AM
We're heading down too but Child Weekend Activity Logistics mean our arrival time is uncertain, too.

04-10-2015, 09:51 AM
The main Cherry Blossom parade takes place on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run will be held along the National Mall and East Potomac Park. Sunday will also be the best day to see the blossoms. Peak bloom is predicted for Apr. 11-14. Many of the blossoms are out already but today is overcast (with a T-storm later) and tomorrow will be partly cloudy. Sunday will be 71F and clear. Great weather for a bike parade, but also great weather for heading to the Tidal Basin to see the blossoms before they start to disappear next week.

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