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03-05-2015, 12:50 PM
So... This is what I have been doing with my Strava titles to amuse myself lately...

FS Day 41 - Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved winter.

FS Day 42 - She loved winter for two reasons - Christmas and the snow.

FS Day 43 - The people of her village understood her love for Christmas but nobody understood her love for snow.

FS Day 44 - They would mutter about Jack Frost and make the sign of the cross as if to ward off an evil spirit.

FS Day 45 - Although she grew to be beautiful, she had a hard time finding boys who were interested in her - The local boys were wary of her weird love for snow, and visitors were few.

FS Day 46 - One evening, when temperatures were especially frigid, a mysterious stranger arrived at the village's inn.

FS Day 47 - Bring me a jug of your finest ale, he cheerfully ordered, as he unwound the long wool scarf from about his head and chose a seat near the sullen fire.

FS Day 48 - The villagers stared at the stranger, a man of middling years, suspiciously, and asked him what kind of fool is he to be traveling away from his own hearth on a wicked night such as this.

FS Day 49 - What's more enjoyable than to be outdoors and seeing new sights on an evening such as this? - he responded with a smile.

FS Day 50 - News of the odd stranger traveled fast, and by early the next morn the girls and boys were already teasing the young woman who loved snow with cries of "Anya! Anya! Your prince has arrived and he is waiting for you at the inn!"

FS Day 51 - Although the taunts were ludicrous, Anya went to find the man at lunchtime because she was curious, and was a little lonely.

FS Day 52 - it was snowing hard that day, and by the time she arrived at the inn her cheeks were rosy and her scarf was covered with snow.

FS Day 53 - The innkeeper didn't bother asking Anya why she was out in the snow, and brought her a mug of hot tea and a plate of biscuits. Sometimes he felt sorry for the young woman who seemed so ostracized for such a small thing as a love for snow.

FS Day 54 - Before her tea was finished, the stranger had entered the room and introduced himself. As it turned out, he had been sent to Anya's village to find the young woman so enamored of snow on behalf of Jack Frost himself.

FS Day 55 - Anya was skeptical and asked for proof of Jack Frost's existence. In response, the man showed her what he named Jack's signet ring, and demonstrated on his own ale that it had the ability to freeze liquid instantly.

FS Day 56 - To make a long conversation short, Anya ended up deciding that a life of potential adventure was better than a life in the village as a virtual outcast, and departed with the stranger, whose name she discovered was Seth, the very next day.

FS Day 57 - Their journey north to the abode of Jack Frost was long and treacherous. However, they were well-prepared for the obstacles. Along the way, Anya learned that Seth once had a daughter who loved the snow as much as she did.

FS Day 58 - Seth, on the other hand, learned that Anya had never felt like she belonged in her village - not even with her family. He asked her if she had any idea why she felt this way, and wondered if there was something that she couldn't explain about her love for snow.

FS Day 59 - After traveling for a couple of weeks, they came to what was known as the Wall - a huge wall that had been made out of ice to protect the kingdoms from unspeakable horrors beyond.

FS Day 60 - Anya wondered how they would cross the wall. Seth led her to one of the towers, where the guards greeted him with wary respect and stared at her.

FS Day 61 - That evening, Seth stayed close by her side and did all the talking with their hosts, for which Anya was grateful, remembering their stares.

FS Day 62 - That night, Anya had a dream about a young woman picking flowers. She would bring them to her husband day after day, but they always wilted when placed in his hand.

FS Day 63 - Feeling sad from her dream during breakfast the next day, Anya forgot to wait for Seth and made her way to the kitchen alone. The Guard frying bacon looked surprised to see her there.

FS Day 64 - While she ate, a group of guardsmen came up to her and started asking her where she was from and how she knew Seth. Anya answered nervously, and cursed herself for being alone.

...to be continued! Every day... :rolleyes:

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FS Day 65 - When Anya told them how she had met Seth, the guardsmen looked more concerned. One older one started urging her to reconsider - they would shelter her until her family could arrive.

Justin Antos
03-06-2015, 05:48 PM
Ah! I've been following your long ride titles on Strava, but never thought to put them together!

03-06-2015, 06:03 PM
Ah! I've been following your long ride titles on Strava, but never thought to put them together!

I thought that those who followed me might appreciate seeing everything together in one place. :)

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FS Day 66 - They started to tell Anya how she was not the first young woman that Seth had crossed the wall with. At this point, Seth arrived and there fell a hasty silence.

FS Day 67 - Anya had never seen Seth so angry. His wrathful gaze fell upon the guardsmen. His words, though, were for Anya. What did they say - he growled.

03-11-2015, 08:35 PM
FS Day 68 - Uncharacteristically unnerved, Anya didn't respond. Schooling his temper, Seth studied her carefully and suggested that they depart soon. They were beyond the wall an hour later.

FS Day 69 - After that, Seth grew distant and didn't engage in conversation. Tired of the silence, Anya told him a couple of days later that the guardsmen had told her that she wasn't the first woman Seth had brought past the wall. Seth stared at her a moment.

FS Day 70 - Yes, I have brought my daughter to meet Jack Frost as well.

03-13-2015, 07:10 PM
FS Day 71 - Anya was sorry that she asked, and focused on the scenery around her for the remainder of their silent journey. Finally, they arrived at an icy palace.

FS Day 72 - Seth abruptly looked hesitant when they saw the massive doors start to open. Two massive creatures in furs approached them. Anya felt Seth grab her hand.

03-15-2015, 02:38 PM
FS Day 73 - I'm sorry, Seth whispered, it hasn't only been you and my daughter that I have brought to this place. There were other young women - all of them loved snow as much as you, Anya.

FS Day 74 - As the creatures that Anya realized were yetis went to grab them, Seth urged her pleadingly to not be a fool and to not drink the blabarssoppa.

03-17-2015, 05:58 PM
FS Day 75 – Jack Frost was a tall man with white hair and a tinge of icy blue to his complexion. He stared at them as they were brought in. Another one? He asked Seth. I want my daughter back, Seth replied.

FS Day 76 – YOUR daughter was wrong to believe that she was MY daughter. She has your stubbornness. Jack turned toward Anya and asked – and what about you? Are you my daughter? There is one test.

03-18-2015, 04:38 PM
FS Day 77 – Jack continued – Drink the blabarssnopa. If you are my daughter, your true nature will be revealed and you will be my heir. If you are not – well, then I can’t trust you and I will have to hold you here until you die of old age.

03-19-2015, 04:53 PM
FS Day 78 – Anya drank the blabarssoppa. It was the beginning of a new adventure for her, for she WAS the daughter of Jack Frost. …The End.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the story! If you wonder - I completely made it up. Some days I had multiple days planned out, and other days I got back from my ride not having been able to concentrate on anything but avoiding spilling onto the ice and snow.

No, I did not tie up all of the loose ends. What about Seth's daughter and the other young women? Does Anya find a man? :rolleyes: Who is her mom? Etc, etc, etc. I have answers to some of these questions. Perhaps next year... :)

Thank you,