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01-09-2015, 04:02 PM
Hi all,

Thanks for the great meeting Monday night. For those who couldn’t join us, we had a great conversation with Signals, including running through some of the signal issues we’ve discussed in meetings and on the Forum, and we had a discussion about priorities for the upcoming year. A group of us (me, Chris, Steve, Megan and Tim) volunteered to work on the 2014 report.

In order to keep everyone in the loop, I’ll post below the list of signal issues that I had going into the meeting, and the list of priorities I updated with notes from the meeting. If anyone has anything to add to either of these lists, please speak up. And if anyone else would like to help write the report, please let me know.

Thanks all, and Happy New Year!

01-09-2015, 04:03 PM
Ideas from BAC discussions and Forum:
• Bringing in the next generation of cyclists (interested but concerned)
• Update bicycle element of MTP
• Traffic signals

o Policy
o Traffic signal detection of bikes
o Eliminate beg buttons

o Training
o Videos
o Data
o Public statement/FAQs
• Maintenance of trails

o Budget
o Reporting
o Tracking of unsolved issues
o Snow removal: monitor and evaluate 2015 program
• Safe Routes to School

o Line of responsibility – County and APS
o Budget in APS
o Budget in County
o ACPD involvement
• Individual projects

o Lynn/Lee (something measurable?)
o Protected bike lanes on Wilson
o Rte 50 Trail
o North-South route – Monroe-Lincoln-Jackson-Irving-Monroe
• Signage

o Wayfinding
o Rules of the trail
• Outreach

o All cyclists
o Family cyclists
o Kids/students
o Spanish-speaking
o Interested-but-concerned
o Strong support for BikeArlington
o Trail Etiquette
• Bicycle Parking

o Policy at public buildings
o Policy at private buildings
o Policy at parks
o Cargo bike parking
o Ebike charging
• Maintenance of traffic (when you can close & what provisions are required)

o Bike lanes
o Trails
o Sidewalks
o Neighborhood streets
o Signs in the bike lane/trail/sidewalk

01-09-2015, 04:05 PM
Beg buttons that should automatically get the walk:
• W&OD (and S Four Mile Run Drive) crossing Columbia Pike
• Ramp from EB 50 crossing S Glebe Road
• 15th Street S crossing S Hayes Street
• 18th Street S crossing S Eads Street
• S. Glebe & W. Glebe
Signals that don’t detect bicycles:
• N Jackson Street crossing Pershing Drive
• Irving Street crossing 50
• N Fillmore Street crossing Lorcom Lane
• Patrick Henry crossing Washington
Other signal issues:
• Lynn/Lee – it seems that the changes have lengthened the LPI by 1 second, and overall shortened the pedestrian crossing time by 10 seconds, with no change in time for the main travel lanes
• N Veitch Street crossing Lee Hwy – yellow not long enough to allow a bike to go through and slow to safely turn onto trail to get to the Custis.
• Consistency of pedestrian countdowns and yellow/red phases
• N Quincy Street crossing Washington Blvd – needs an LPI so bikes can get a head start to merge into “sharrows” (bike lane disappears)
• Stop signs on Bluemont Junction Trail – not consistent with Virginia law
• Stop sign on Custis at Marriott parking lot entrance (closest to Fort Myer Drive) – not consistent with Virginia law

01-09-2015, 05:14 PM
I believe people reported that the MVT was not plowed or de-iced this week. NPS has jurisdiction, but can Arlington discuss the matter with NPS to see if they can change their policy on snow removal? If it's a matter of funding, would it be possible for Arlington to take over snow removal duties for the section of the MVT in Arlington? Is that possible? If so, that could be a good idea. A clear MVT would help winter bike commuters enormously.