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10-29-2014, 04:47 PM
Hi all,

Our November meeting is next Monday, and we'll have an agenda soon, but I wanted to lay out the basic idea behind what will be a little different than our typical meetings. We don't have the usual mix of normal business, and we have the update to the Bicycle Element of the Master Transportation Plan on the horizon, coupled with new leadership at the BAC.

I want to take this opportunity to talk about long- and short-term goals and priorities that we have to make cycling safer and better in Arlington.

First, we're going to brainstorm guiding principles for the future of cycling in Arlington. For example, do we want to see the entire County covered by a bike network? What should that network be made of? Are unsigned routes through neighborhoods good enough? Are bike lanes are streets like Quincy good enough? On Wilson Blvd? Is there a threshold above which streets should have protected bike lanes?

Second, we'll brainstorm specific programs, policies, and infrastructure we want to see. These will probably include both long- and short-term projects. Time permitting, we can discuss priorities and partners with whom we can work to achieve our goals.

Third, we'll talk about how we can involve new voices and partners in our work. Are there other models to look to (vs. monthly meetings)? Are there better options for communications? Should we engage in more outreach?

Finally, how can the BAC be most effective? Should we look at doing a report? A survey? Add information to the website (here's an example of another government committee that had agendas and minutes on its website, and did annual reports)?

To guide our discussion, Fionnuala Quinn, an awesome transportation engineer and bike advocate from Fairfax, is going to start us off with a workshop introducing us to some of the vocabulary and best practices related to cycling infrastructure, so we're all speaking the same language.

This meeting will be important for our planning, and will friendly to new voices. If you have friends, neighbors or colleagues who are interested in cycling in Arlington, this is the meeting for them to come to. I'll draft an email to send out to neighborhood groups and other Arlington listserves to invite new people -- I'd appreciate you all sending it out to any that you are on.

That's the plan right now. If there's anything I should know for the agenda, please let me know by COB tomorrow.

Bike safe, have fun,

10-31-2014, 12:41 PM
Attached and pasted below please find the agenda for Monday. The only difference from the description from the last email is that we flipped "BAC effectiveness" and "New voices/partners", mainly in the interest of time.

Please start thinking of big ideas and priorities you have for cycling in Arlington County and for the BAC. This should be a great discussion. It will also be perfect for those new to the BAC and who have wanted to join the discussion about making cycling in Arlington better.

Finally, a reminder about BikeArlington's lights for bikes giveaways -- they still need volunteers to help on Monday, 11/3 at the Bikeometer in Rosslyn from 5pm until 7pm or so) and on Thursday, 11/6 at the intersection of Columbia Pike and the W&OD Trail from 5pm to 7.

See you Monday!

BAC - November 3, 2014
Meeting Agenda
7:00 pm Call to Order; Introductions
7:10 pm Introduction to Bicycle Infrastructure and Policy
7:40 pm Guiding principles for the future of Arlington cycling
8:00 pm Specific policies, programs and infrastructure
8:20 pm BAC effectiveness
8:40 pm New voices and partners
9:00 pm Adjournment