View Full Version : Proposed Fairfax Bicycle Master Plan, Oct. 28, 2014 public hearing

09-20-2014, 10:47 PM

"Fairfax County is in the final stages of crafting a Bicycle Master Plan that will put the onus on the county, the state and private developers to create a place that meets bicyclists' needs today while encouraging more people to ride in the future."


“Moving forward, it is assumed and expected that bicycles will be treated as valid users of the roadway and accommodated as a necessary element of all roadway improvement projects,” according to a staff report on the plan.


"Per the proposed Bicycle Master Plan, the county will:

- Incorporate adequate, safe and secure bicycle parking at all public buildings, park-and-ride lots, transit facilities, libraries and school.
- Coordinate with neighboring jurisdictions on bicycle route connectivity.
- Provide a comprehensive network of on- and off-road bicycle routes.
- Evaluate road or lane “dieting” where “roadway to capacity ratios allow” to establish on-road bike lanes.
- Consider various types of bicycle facilities, including shared roadways, shared roadways with safety treatment, shared-lane markings, striped shoulders, bike lanes, climbing lanes, buffered bike lanes, cycletracks and shared-use paths.
- Spot improvements for bicycle links and crossings, interchange improvements, transit station accessibility, stream crossings and road crossings.

The Board of Supervisors has scheduled an Oct. 28 public hearing on the plan."