View Full Version : BTW Paid Off

06-01-2011, 08:19 AM
I commute into Tysons a few times a week, coming in from the Gallows Road side. I've never needed (or wanted!) to ride anywhere else in the area. For Bike to Work day recently, our stop was off of Greensboro Road, so I had to go past my office to get there. I wouldn't have chosen to ride there, but I wanted to hit the pit stop, and I'm happy to say I lived.

Today I had to drop my Honda Element off for service at the shop on Spring Hill Road. I was going to leave the car and ride back to the office, but I was dreading the nightmare of riding on Rt 7. I decided to revisit the route on Greensboro. I had already ridden almost half of the way back to the office on BTW day. It turned out to be a decent fairly safe way around the Rt 7 Apocalypse. I wouldn't have thought to try it if it hadn't been for BTW day.