View Full Version : Put your old bikes and bike parts to good use Wednesday 4/23 and beyond

Keith Oberg
04-21-2014, 09:35 PM
Hi, I'm Keith Oberg, founder and director of Bikes for the World, and we change lives through the power of used bicycles and the hundreds of volunteers who collect, prep, sort, and load thousands of bicycles here in the mid-Atlantic region. We donate these bicycles around the world, including locally, but primarily overseas, in Africa, Central America, and the Philippines.

We are collecting bikes all day 7am - 7pm Wednesday, April 23, in Crystal City at 1900 Crystal Drive. We will also be in Falls Church at the Recycling Center 9 am-2pm this coming Saturday, April 26.

We help the cycling community in multiple ways. If you live in a multi-family building with an over-crowded bike room, we can help your property manager clean out abandoned bikes. If you seek volunteer activities working and learning about bikes, we can privide that at our Arlington and Rockville warehouses. And if you have a bike that is taking up space and not being ridden--for whatever reason (needs have changed, bad fit, minor damage, department store quality)--we can help you put it to good use and make physical and emotional space for a newer, better bike that you will actually ride and enjoy more.

Either of this week's collections--in Crystal City and Flls Church--will also be taking old computers and electronics, so even if you don't have a bike, come by for that reason, and learn more about us. Or visit our website at www.bikesfortheworld.org for more opportunities and info.