View Full Version : Lost bike trail under Memorial Bridge

05-04-2011, 02:23 PM
In the process of rehabbing the sidewalks (which act as bike trails) under the Memorial Bridge the trail on the north side of the bridge was eliminated. That trail allowed a continuous conncection from the path along the Rock Creek Parkway to the Memorial Bridge bike route on the down river side of the bridge. Now there are several bad options. (1) You can connect directly to the up-river side of the bridge and deal with a serious of dangerous crossings once you get to the Virginia side of the river. (2) You can ride through the volleyball courts and go under the Memorial Bridge along the river. Then you can get on the bridge by riding to the stop light and back tracking to the bridge side path. (3) You can ride up to Memorial Circle and go around the Lincoln Memorial, riding through hundreds of tourists.

Clearly the folks who did the rehab work left cyclists out of their thinking here. The least they could do is put up some signs for those unfamiliar with this mess.